Age is Just a Number 28 October 2020: Age is Just a Number Wednesday update 28 October 2020 zee world written update, Aarya announces that they must call the old servants back and appoint a new cook. Prachi and others leave the table with fruits. Sahil thanks Vaidika.

Later, Vaidika calls Aarya to the hall. Everyone gather there. Vaidika says soon Sahil will be back, the reality of Shirtij Asthana would come to everyone now and their scattered family will reunited. She will get her old Aarya back. Aarya questions what Vaidika wants. Vaidika tells Aarya to stand on a support, soon she might lose her balance out of shock. Sahil opens the main door. A lady comes inside with Sahil. Shirtij and Neelam were left in a state of shock. Sahil tells the lady to introduce herself and tell them all what’s true. The lady says she is Shirtij Asthana’s wife. Sahil shows Aarya the photo of their marriage. The lady confess Shirtij was always suffering because of his family. She made a plan with him, Shirtij hypnotized Guddu and later killed him. They had to loot the family, and flee the country. Neelam claims her a liar, but Vaidika says she has a proof of everything they are saying. Aarya leaves into the room, Shirtij follows her. Vaidika tells Neelam now Shirtij Asthana’s game is over, she will now get them punished. Age is Just a Number 28 October 2020:

In the room, Aarya sobs badly. Shirtij comes to her and forces her to listen to him. Shirtij accepts his sins, his mistakes and everything; but still he has fallen in love with her. He doesn’t want to leave her. Vaidika comes from behind and hits Shirtij with a vase, then a stick; questioning how dare he touch her daughter. She will kill him. She beats Shirtij badly with a stick, hitting his head. She hugs Aarya. Shirtij gets up and was about to hit Vaidika with the same rod. Sahil stops the strike in midair. He questions if Shirtij deemed Agarwal family as weak. The police come to arrest Shirtij on charge of Guddu’s murder. Aarya was embarrassed and apologize Vaidika and Sahil. She spoke a lot, and even tried to part them. Vaidika and Sahil console Aarya. Sahil says Aarya is their life, she needn’t say a sorry. Vaidika says parents never break their relation even if children make a mistake, she is still her young little Aarya; I love you. She hugs Aarya. Sahil takes both into his hug.

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In the police van, Shirtij thinks Sahil and Vaidika are proud of their love. He will call off their existence, to never reunite. He will end this love story. Age is Just a Number 28 October 2020:

Vaidika comes to her room, after her children were asleep. Sahil place her head into her lap. She thinks tomorrow will be a new day for their family. She wish Vaidika forgets everything. Sahil tells Vaidika not to worry at all. All the negativities are out of this house now. Vaidika notices a tattoo over Sahil’s wrist, Sadika. Sahil says he wish themselves to be the same lover each life, that’s why he got this made. No matter their lives change, their faces and voices are also different in each life but their hearts must stay together. Vaidika kiss the tattoo and promises to always be his. Sahil intently looks towards Vaidika. Vaidika says they are together even in this life, why discuss the next lives then. She loves him dearly, and will always life together with him. Sahil asks what if something happens to him. Vaidika was at once annoyed at his mention of falsehoods. Sahil apologizes as it was only meant to gather a little attention from her. Soon, there was a wind storm and a vase on the table breaks. Sahil assures nothing is wrong, and goes to shut the window pane. Vaidika was terrified.

Aarya and Ved planned a celebration for Sahil and Vaidika. A film about their love story was played in front of the whole family. Vaidika and Sahil dance together. Soon, the lights go off. They hear Ved screaming for help. The lights were on, and they notice Ved and Virat were missing. Sahil looks into the house when they soon get a phone call. It was Shirtij.

Shirtij says now Ved and Virat would sacrifice in place of their parents. They had snatched Aarya he fall for, now he won’t spare their children. Sahil deters to kill Shirtij otherwise. Shirtij cuts the call. Sahil turns to leave but Vaidika insists upon accompanying.

At the venue, Sahil beats Shirtij badly near the cliff. Vaidika protected Ved and Virat. She leaves Ved near Virat and heads towards the gun. Shirtij hit Sahil with a brick over his head and grabs the gun himself. He asks who would get the first bullet, if Sahil or Vaidika. Vaidika was protective of her children. Sahil runs to Vaidika but Shirtij fires a bullet over his leg, deciding Sahil must die first. Vaidika covered Sahil in the next bullet and was hit; another bullet goes straight to Sahil. Aarya had reached the venue and watch Sadika fell over the cliff. Shirtij had just pointed the gun towards Ved but police shot a bullet over his hand instead and arrests him.

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Down the cliff, Sahil and Vaidika flew in the air. Sahil asks Vaidika’s promise to always be his, in all their lives. They vow to meet again and continue to love each other.

Aarya slaps Shirtij. Shirtij laughs devilishly as he has ended the love story of Sahil and Vaidika. He was taken by police. Aarya mourns for her parents.

Twenty Years Later…
A young Vaidika walk down the cab, busy with her phone call. The young Sahil was busy with some friends, steps backwards and hits Vaidika. Both share a prolonged eye lock.

It is morning in Kanpur. The location is Vaidika’s new house. The phone bell rings. Vaidika comes out to turn the alarm off, then performs the morning prayers in front of Tulsi plant. Her mother comes out and scolds her for having done nothing. Vaidika assures everything will be managed. Her mother says today, a family for proposal of her younger sister Avantika is coming over. She must make all the preparations and leave for her aunt’s house. She doesn’t want the guests to know she is a divorcee, they won’t like Avantika. Vaidika asks why she repeatedly reminds her of being a divorcee. She will complete the chores and leave. Her mother was curt that she ruined her family life, and is a burden over her now. Vaidika presents her a cup of tea, and says she is unaware of any past life but in this one, she will bear the fruits of her acts. Her mother prays for her Avantika, may she marry Sahil Kashab.

The next location is Agarwal house, now Kashab house. A lady was doing aarti in the temple corner. Sahil walks downstairs and silently leaves from behind. His keys fell off with a bang, his Mama stops the aarti and pulls his ears. She asks if he doesn’t know where they have to go. Sahil asks why she is being an enemy to his happy life. His mother takes him for breakfast, as she prepared his favorite Parathas. Sahil takes a seat, then blames his father for being the Hitler in his life. He wish to play football, go abroad and enjoy his life. His mother convince he has grown up, his father wish him to be responsible; its time he marries now. Sahil wasn’t ready to marry a girl he has never seen. His mother asks if she would do love marriage. Sahil says he feels lost in the name of love, and it feels he is incomplete in his life. He believes he would get the girl in his life with whom he would share a special connection. He doesn’t understand this arranged marriage connection. His mother suggests about going once, maybe he finds that old birth love of his. The girl is younger daughter of his father’s old college friend. Sahil was being blackmailed emotionally, but on a condition he would run away if he can’t develop a connection. His mother cheers, and goes to bring juice for him. Sahil thinks there is surely someone who rules his heart. His heart really awaits someone, and wish to meet that girl soon.

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Vaidika’s mother speaks to her sister that she must convince Vaidika to go to a restaurant and meet a man ten years older and a father to two. Vaidika’s Maasi convince her mother that Vaidika’s proposal must get fixed else they will lose Sahil Kashab’s proposal for Avantika.

Vaidika was travelling on a Tonga. Some stall men were protesting but a few goons come to beat the protestors riots were set. Sahil had reached from the other side. Vaidika’s dress was stuck on a stall. A goon attacked her but Sahil jumps in as a savior. Both turn to face each other and share a long eye lock. Sahil feels his heartbeat. Vaidika notices some men attack them, and gets down. Sahil drives her Tonga amidst the riots. They reach outside the market in a safe place, but the Tonga gets dis-balanced. Sahil slips and Vaidika fells over him. Sahil introduces himself as Sahil. Vaidika turns around in a state of shock. Sahil claims her to be selfish, she didn’t help him get up. Vaidika holds his hand. Both feel the old connection with each other. Sahil notices the nervousness, then says he is a normal human being then why she behaves so strange.


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