Age is Just a Number 25th August 2020 Written update

Age is Just a Number 25th August 2020: On Age is Just a Number tuesday 25 August 2020 Written update, In his room, Sahil speaks to Vaidika about bone marrow transplant. She will have to go for matching test.

Vaidika was relieved about the option. She holds Sahil’s hand says wished to tell him something. Bhoomi comes there and pulls Vaidika away, blaming Vaidika. She drags Vaidika downstairs. Vaidika tells the family about Nisha’s reality of attempting black magic on their family. Everyone had turned to stone. Vaidika wonders what happened to everyone. Soon, the lights begin to flash. Nisha walks downstairs and tells Vaidika none heard whatever Vaidika said. It’s her power that she stopped the time. She was the one to place stones near her rice. Vaidika even reached behind her into her room; and was dubious because of that black cloth. She warns Vaidika that she can harm Sahil and Ved as well. She says it was she who maddened Vaidika in the court room. Vaidika was determined to face Nisha. Nisha smiles and tells her to first bear her sister Bhoomi’s anger. Bhoomi was conscious and warns Vaidika to stay away from her husband, else she will kill Vaidika now. Sahil stops Bhoomi and asks what Vaidika wanted to say. Vaidika replies nothing, and leaves.
Aarya complains to Tushar that he is leaving for US in four days that for Puneesh’s work. She was annoyed. Tushar requests Aarya not to make things difficult for him, he wants to spend these 4 days with her now. They spot the doctor arrive in a tensed mood. The doctor says Ved’s mother’s bone marrow didn’t match, it’s difficult for him to survive with such a falling health. Vaidika was tensed and fells on the floor. Bhoomi stops Sahil but he walks to Vaidika and consoles that Ved will be fine. Vaidika cries badly. Sahil asks doctor for another possibility? The doctor asks about the real father of the child. Vaidika looks towards Sahil, Bari Amma and Bhoomi share a tensed look. Nani says his father has died. Vaidika was about to speak, but Bari Amma interferes and asks about any other possibility. The doctor says it’s called allogeneic transplant, any donor can be found for that. Vaidika runs into the room and cries. Her shadow appears and questions why she is holding herself back, what if it takes longer to find a donor. Sahil’s bone marrow will match Ved, and it’s the last hope. Vaidika decides to tell everything to Sahil. Bhoomi comes into the room, she joins her hands to Vaidika and requests her not to tell Sahil that Ved is his child. Vaidika was shocked to know that Bhoomi was aware of the truth. Bhoomi nods and accepts replacing the pen-drive that day. Vaidika slaps Bhoomi and considers her a criminal.
Nisha watch Vaidika and Bhoomi’s conversation and enjoys the news of Sahil being Ved’s father. She was determined to make Vaidika suffer now.
Bhoomi explains to Vaidika that if Sahil knows the truth he will leave her at once and come to Vaidika. Her marriage would break. She gave five years of her life to Ved and Sahil, and promises she will save Ved at any cost. Vaidika wasn’t ready to accept any of the plea and says she can do anything to save her child. She doesn’t want to break Bhoomi’s marriage but they can’t lose Ved. She asks Bhoomi to believe her, she won’t let Sahil near to her but she has to save Ved first. Bhoomi, as a mother, must also think about Ved at this time.
Nisha enjoyed the conversation. She decides that tonight, the power of her black magic would destroy everything. She learnt black magic to revenge Sahil and Vaidika.
Vaidika comes to the corridor, she was confused if she must help Bhoomi or save Ved. She decides to tell the truth to Sahil, he is the father and has a right to know the possibility of helping Ved. Vaidika finds Nidhi’s bank card and her plastic surgery record lying on the floor. She guess it right that Nisha was actually Nidhi.

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Vaidika comes to Sahil and tells him that Nisha is casting black magic on their family, because she is actually Nidhi. She got her plastic surgery and has come here with the intention of revenge. She tells Sahil that only their son Ved is suffering in midst of all this. She tells Sahil that Ved is their son, her and Sahil’s. She was pregnant by artificial insemination and by hospital’s mistake Sahil became her donor. She requests Sahil to help his child, Ved needs his father right now. Sahil at once push Vaidika away. He turns to Nisha who laughs hysterically at fooling Vaidika. She challenge Vaidika to use Ved’s reality against her now. She has taken control of Sahil’s life and on the day of Dashera tomorrow, she will finish off Sahil. Vaidika stands up and says on the day of Dashera, only evil is defeated. Nisha accepts Vaidika’s challenge.
Vaidika comes to Pandit ji and says Nisha has taken control of Sahil, she might harm him. Nisha hears their conversation. Pandit ji tells Vaidika about a testimony, if completed breaks the effects of black magic. He clarifies that the testimony is hard, and people are mostly unable to complete it. She must do it with Sahil, would she be able to do that? Vaidika was determined to do anything for Sahil’s life. Nisha thinks Vaidika is a stubborn woman, she claims of not loving Sahil but does anything for him. She will not let Sahil live and make Vaidika suffer for sure.
Sahil brings Bhoomi into their room and bolts the door. He accepts that he could never take time for Bhoomi, though she did a lot for him and Ved. Tonight, everything will change and they will be united. There, Nidhi cheers that she is controlling both Sahil and Bhoomi right now. Sahil is busy with Bhoomi, and Vaidika can’t speak to him or convince him for any pooja.
Vaidika comes to Sahil’s room to speak to him about Pooja. She spots them from window and feels uncomfortable. Nisha comes to tease Vaidika for being jealous of her sister. She tells Vaidika that she heard Vaidika’s planning with Pandit ji against her, and indulged Sahil with Bhoomi. Tomorrow as well, at the time of Pooja Sahil will be busy. She challenge Vaidika to break her spell and laughs that Vaidika is helpless.
Deepak forbids Gauri touch his daughter. He claims Sadika’s custody if Gauri decides to leave him. Gauri questions why Deepak wish to separate a minor daughter from her mother. Gauri says she will tell the court how Deepak left his daughter when she was born. Deepak says he brought Sadika back, and wakes her up to tell Sadika about her mother. Gauri forcefully pulls Deepak back. Deepak blackmails Gauri that if she tries to leave him, he will ruin Sadika’s life.
Sahil and Bhoomi hear Ved’s scream and hurries to his room. Vaidika was appreciating Ved for screaming so high, he is surely a strong boy. Bhoomi complains to Vaidika for untimely act, they were afraid of Ved’s screaming. Vaidika was apologetic to Ved and stops Nisha in the corridor asking if she got a setback. God never let Devil win, this Dashera wouldn’t change the nature. She played a game with Ved, and it ruined Nidhi’s set up game. Nisha says it’s time for her pooja, else she must have replied Vaidika well. But Vaidika will continue to watch this dancing video doll in face of Sahil.

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