Age is Just a Number 18th August 2020 Tuesday Written update

Age is Just a Number 18 August 2020: On Age is Just a Number Tuesday 18 August 2020, Nisha explains to Vaidika that guest rooms are often in the corner of mansions. Vaidika calls her smart and was sure Nisha will win the case.

Nisha comes to the room, flashes of past from Nidhi’s life flash in front of her eyes. She says Sahil, Bari Amma and Vaidika used her, then threw her out of the house as trash. Nidhi Agarwal has returned to teach them a lesson. Her face might have changed, but her heart and intention remains same. She would end her enemies one by one. She won’t return until her mission is accomplished. None will recognize her and her powers, she has the power of black magic now that she learnt in past four years. They must welcome the Black Magic expert, Nisha Mehta known nicknamed as Nidhi Agarwal.

Vaidika gives the servant tea for Nisha but Bhoomi comes to throw it on floor. The servant leaves. Bhoomi questions Vaidika why she is doing this. Vaidika asks Bhoomi to look from her view. Bhoomi says she always respected Vaidika, but she left five years ago and proved herself as selfish. Today she has no respect and worth for Vaidika, and she will now confront Vaidika. It’s now a war of two mothers, Yashoda and Devki’s fight. Vaidika asks Bhoomi why is she so furious. They tried their level best that she doesn’t get a lawyer still she was able to hire one. She doesn’t care what Bhoomi or Sahil think about her.
In the room, Puneesh stood in front of Nidhi and says he didn’t know what she was up to. Nisha was determined to make Puneesh a puppet through her new power.

Bari Amma drags Bhoomi upstairs with a bundle of money in hand. Bhoomi was not sure she would be able to bribe that lawyer since she has now broke into the house. Puneesh was placing Nisha’s suitcase over the cupboard. Bari Amma enters the room. He hurriedly leaves the suitcase out of the room and says he was just helping Bari Amma’s intentions.

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Bari Amma throws the bundle of money on bed while Bhoomi gives her jewelry requesting Nisha to drop the case, and not snatch her Ved from her. Nisha smiles and says Bari Amma weigh everything through money. But she can file a case against them for bribing her. Bari Amma takes the challenge of confrontation in the court.

Sadika and Ved were fighting with each other. Vaidika and Sahil come to part them. Bhoomi scolds Sadika for pulling Ved’s hair, Vaidika says she is just a child. Nisha stood upstairs and thinks about fueling the fight between the sisters. She use her black magic power and moves a bowl on the table. The bowl breaks and some glass pieces hurts Bhoomi’s foot. Bhoomi blames Vaidika for deliberately breaking the bowl to hurt her. Sahil sends everyone to their rooms. Nisha comes to Vaidika and reminds her about their case, they had to go to hospital.

In the hospital, Vaidika was with Maya and Nisha in the doctor’s office. She says the CCTV footage has a proof that she was her doctor during her delivery five years ago. She will be called to court tomorrow as a witness that she gave birth to a son. The doctor was reluctant and asks Vaidika to go to Dr. Rathore. Vaidika holds a knife at the doctor’s neck and says she won’t spare the doctor’s life if she loses her son. She will bribe her with double the amount she has already been paid.

Sahil finds Vaidika alone in the hall and forces her into dance with him while Vaidika tries to avoid. Nisha enjoy this from upstairs and laughs at her black magic that turned Sahil crazy for Vaidika. She wish Sahil gets even closer to Vaidika. Bhoomi and other family member come to the hall and slaps Vaidika. Nisha was furious over Bhoomi’s interference. Soon, Sahil feels dizzy and fells on the floor. Everyone was concerned for Sahil while accusing Vaidika’s intentions. While everyone cursed Vaidika’s character Vaidika shouts at them to shut up. There is nothing between her and Sahil and she doesn’t wish anything like this, it’s their downgraded thinking that they are now accusing her of magic. No one can treat the filthy thinking of Bari Amma, and none holds the right to question her. Nisha enjoys Vaidika’s lecture and thinks she enjoyed being in the house again. She intended to bring a new twist in the story tomorrow.

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The next morning, Sahil was in the room with Ved. He says he couldn’t ever think he will have to prove his parenthood for a child they brought up for five years. Bhoomi insists on Sahil to let her come to court. She was determined that today Yashoda will win, she must prove that the mother who brings a child up is over the one who gives birth.
There, Vaidika was praying in temple for victory of her case. Nani comes with sweet yogurt and prays for Vaidika’s victory in the case. Vaidika turns around to confront Bari Amma.

Bari Amma warns if Vaidika spits a single word she doesn’t hold Ved important than Sahil and this house. Vaidika clarifies that she holds Ved really important to her and she considers Ved as unlucky to be unsafe with his granddaughter. Bari Amma calls Puneesh and says it seems Vaidika has some kind of witness. She must not win the case.
There were media reporting the custody case between Sahil and Vaidika. Sahil and Bhoomi arrive at the court. Vaidika and Nisha come out simultaneously from the other car. Sahil and Vaidika look into each other’s eyes, recalling their love for each other. While Vaidika passes Bhoomi she says Vaidika started the fight, all the injuries and bruises will be named after Vaidika. Vaidika says the fight started a long time ago, only Bhoomi has started to feel the pain now. They were called into the court. Sahil takes Bhoomi’s hand and walks inside. Karan comes to greet Vaidika outside the court. Nisha remember her last encounter with him and how he trapped her. He greets Vaidika and says he never thought about standing against her in court. Vaidika says she is happy that Karan is standing with his friend. She introduces Nisha to Karan. They shake hands. Karan walks inside. Nisha was a little disturbed. Vaidika asks Nisha about the doctor coming for witness. Nisha replies Maya will bring the doctor.
Puneesh shows Maya and doctor’s photo to a goon and orders him to arrest them.
Nisha presents the case in court. Karan tells the court he practices in America and doesn’t have a license for practice in India, Sahil will lead the case himself and he will assist Sahil. Sahil tells the court that Vaidika didn’t know she had a son, that’s a lie. She left her son. Vaidika stands up and claims it a lie. She was called in the witness box and tells the court that when she was in hospital and still unconscious, someone from the family replaced her son with a girl child. Sahil questions why Vaidika then flee, taking that girl child and leaving behind her elder fifteen years old daughter and old mother? Vaidika recalls the police raiding for Vaidika that night but doesn’t speak up.

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