Age is Just a Number Sunday 16 August 2020: On Age is Just a Number 16 August 2020 Written update, It was night. Sahil sense something strange was going to happen. Vaidika opens the door and walks towards Sahil.

Bari Amma comes to the hall as well. Vaidika asks Sahil if he knew Ved was her son? Bari Amma slaps Vaidika and blames Vaidika for stealing their child, they got Sadika back and now she wants her right over Ved. Vaidika tells Bari Amma even she could raise a hand over her but right now she wants to know the truth, she has a proof that Ved is her son. Aarya and others were shocked. Vaidika questions why they hid the truth from them? She questions Sahil if he knew Ved wasn’t his son. She shouts at him to reply to her. Who planned this and stole her son? Bari Amma recalls stealing Ved from the hospital? Vaidika asks if it was Sahil, or Bhoomi? Bhoomi and Sahil remember their vow to keep Ved’s identity a secret. Vaidika says she was sure atleast they wouldn’t ever do harm to her. When she realized Sadika’s truth, she pleaded for her own child; still they remained silent. She jerks Sahil blaming him to be exactly like his family. Sahil says he knew from the beginning that Ved was Vaidika’s child. Bhoomi tries to stop Sahil but he doesn’t. Sahil says Ved is her child, but the child she left in the hospital after giving birth to him. She has returned out of greed for money. He initially considered it a sin to part her from her son, but she wants that son for her greed only. Vaidika gave birth to Ved, but he Bhoomi and the family brought him up. Bari Amma tells Vaidika to stop this drama, they are aware Vaidika wants to snatch Ved due to property. Bhoomi asks Vaidika if Vaidika wants a right over Ved, she was a mother who not only left Ved but also a fifteen years old Aarya. She and Sahil brought Ved up, they even lived abroad for a year so that the world think Ved is their son. Sahil tears the letter apart. He tells Vaidika Ved is his son. Vaidika cries and pleads them to believe her, she didn’t leave Ved. She was unaware she gave birth to a son. She will prove she isn’t greedy. Sahil shouts at Vaidika to shut herself up. Vaidika thinks its time she tells Sahil that Ved is her and Sahil’s child, born through artificial insemination. Bhoomi gets unconscious then. Bari Amma sends Sahil with Bhoomi inside, she was worried that Vaidika won’t remain silent for long.
In the room, Vaidika cries for Ved. Aarya comes to Vaidika and says she spoke to Nani, she had to go to a temple but will soon return to Kanpur now. Vaidika holds Aarya’s hand to stop her. She explains she had a liability and had to leave five years ago, she didn’t know anything about Sadika. Aarya says she believes the truth would reveal itself. Vaidika promises to bring the truth to everyone by herself. Gauri stood at the door of the room. Deepak place a hand over her shoulder but she goes to her room. Deepak wonders what’s going on in this house, he no more wish to abuse Gauri and can’t even ask her about Manish directly.
Late at night, Bari Amma held Ved in her arms while he was asleep. Vaidika follows Bari Amma who was about to stab Ved with a knife. Vaidika stops Bari Amma. Bari Amma asks Vaidika what she was about to tell Sahil, that Ved is her and Sahil’s son? It’s not a secret, Anjana brought this news to her and she was the one who killed Anjana. She planned the kidnapping of her child as it was necessary to bring Sahil and Bhoomi closer. Deepak left his daughter to Vaidika then, still everything went in her favor. Sadika returned to them. Bari Amma says this child Ved was her necessity five years ago but today she gives him a damn. Vaidika stops her from hurting her son. Bari Amma tells her to cover the truth up, else she would hurt her son. Vaidika says she knows already what she has to do, Bari Amma couldn’t part Sahil and Vaidika and Ved is their son. Bari Amma has always tried to hurt Sahil, but she promises not to let Ved go crazy.

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Bari Amma warns Vaidika that in case she opens her mouth she might lose her child forever. Vaidika runs away from the corridor. Bari Amma comes to kiss and caress Ved and cries that she can never hurt her Ved at any cost.
Vaidika was restlessly walking around her room. Bhoomi comes there to speak to Vaidika. She tells Vaidika she took her life’s most important decision five years ago, to be Sahil’s wife and Ved’s son. She was taken aback wondering how Vaidika left him. She had vowed to herself that she will protect that innocent child, she has lived for Ved for the past five years. She can’t allow Vaidika to snatch Ved from her, she will fight till last of her breathe. Its her family and that’s the world also knows. She tells her to stay away from Sahil and her child. After Bhoomi has left, Vaidika says she has also taken a decision. She cried enough for her child, herself and the time. But now she will fight, she will do something that none expects.
The next morning, Bhoomi comes downstairs looking for Ved. Everyone gather around. Bhoomi says Ved is missing. Puneesh suggests about calling Ved.
Vaidika carried Ved in her arms thinking Ved is her child, she can’t let anyone else have a right over him.
Sahil understands Vaidika must have taken Ved.
Vaidika brings Ved to her old house, does the packing and check the next train for Bareli. Ved asks whose house is this, and what are they doing here? Vaidika tells Ved they are playing a game. She thinks she might be wrong but this is the only way left to her, she needs to take her son with herself. They hurry out of the house.
Sahil and Bhoomi had reached Vaidika’s old house. Ved spots them in the car and asks Vaidika to run fast, else his mamma papa would catch them.
Sahil and Vaidika find Vaidika’s house locked. Sahil wonders why Vaidika always give him a chance to hate her only.
Bari Amma harass Sadika who cried for her mamma. Aarya comes to defend Sadika. Gauri also comes home and protects Sadika. She promises Sadika that she will soon return, till then Sadika can stay with her. She tells Bari Amma that Vaidika was left with no option but to kidnap her son and run away. Gauri takes her inside.
Police arrive at Agarwal house. Sahil says Vaidika and Ved are missing since morning. Bhoomi blames that Vaidika has kidnapped Ved. Bari Amma hurries them to find Vaidika else she leaves the city.
Puneesh gets the Wanted posters across the city and announces a prize money of 10 lacs. Maya reads the posters and was worried.
Ved asks Vaidika when this game would end, he wish to go home. Maya tries Vaidika’s number but she rushes to the bus station and doesn’t take the call
Bhoomi drags Aarya into the home, she pressurize Aarya to call Vaidika and tell her to return her son. She cried for her son. Aarya assures Bhoomi Vaidika won’t harm Ved, she isn’t a bad person. Bhoomi insists that Vaidika killed Anjana and even left Aarya behind. Aarya says Vaidika’s crime hasn’t yet proven, and Ved is her son after all. Bhoomi slaps Aarya and questions if she has forgotten what she and Sahil did for her?
Vaidika had hired an auto to reach Bareli. The driver promises to take Vaidika to Bareli in 3 hours, but steals a look towards the prize money promising poster. Bhoomi cried for Ved and says she has begun to hate Vaidika.
The driver tactfully gets Vaidika out of the car, and flee with Ved. Vaidika was left crying. The driver thinks he has increased his price, he won’t charge a penny less than Rs. 50 lac.


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