A Touch of Love Glow tv: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

A Touch of Love Glow tv: is an Indian Hindi-language television series that aired on Colors TV from Tuesday 14 September 2021. It is a story of a young woman, Thapki Chaturvedi, who has a stutter. It starred Jigyasa Singh and Manish Goplani besides Ankit Bathla, Sheena Bajaj, Monica Khanna and others.

A Touch of Love Glow tv

A Touch of Love Glow tv


A Touch of Love Glow Tv Full Story/Plot Summary:


While she is a bright and lively person, Thapki has a stutter but she never loses faith and never lets her speech disorder cause problems in her daily life. But, her stutter stops her from accepting any wedding requests. She is always speaking in a pat, which is why people call her Thapki.

Thapki gets a job at the TV channel of the charming well-educated Dhruv Pandey who she is able to impress. Soon , Dhruv falls attracted to Thapki and proposes to Thapki to marry him. Thapki agrees. His mother Vasundhara is not a fan of Thapki when she discovers that he has a stutter. She tells her adopted son Bihaan who she doesn’t care for as in the same way as her blood-related Dhruv to end their marriage. Bihaan who loved his mother very much and couldn’t resist her, reluctantly accepts. After several failed attempts, the day of marriage arrives. Vasundhara emotionally demands Bihaan in full awareness of his vulnerability, telling him that If the marriage isn’t prevented, she’ll be killed. Bihaan is forced to accept the offer. He asks the waiter to divide the cold dring from his sherwani. Then he went into the room. He stopped Dhruv by going to Mandap, closing the door and the door to his space. He unintentionally hits Dhruv on the forehead, inducing him to fall unconscious and preventing him from getting to the Mandap. Vasundhara remains not convinced that this action will actually hinder the marriage, pressures Bihaan to get married Thapki rather than Dhruv. Bihaan who is devastated and shocked is willing to agree, to please his mother. He wears the sherwani worn by Dhruv. protects his face with extremely. Then his older brothers the sanjay and ashvin were there to welcome Dhruv however they choose bihaan as they believed that they were dhruv. He takes the place of mandap and then marries Thapki.

When Thapki discovers the truth about her union with bihaan her husband, she is devastated. Thapki decides to split from him within three months. Thapki will take her place in Pandey Niwas as a daughter-in-law. Vasundhra is still searching of the ideal daughter-in law and partner for Dhruv comes to Shraddha. Shraddha is a victim of her deceitful nature, is able convincing the pandeys she is a good well-mannered, gentle and well-educated woman. Bihaan and Thapki are able to are able to see past all of this and uncover the dark side of her. Despite trying to educate Vasundhara about everything and repeatedly attempting to reveal the true character of Shraddha, Bihaan and Thapki fail as well, in addition, Dhruv and Shraddha are now married.

After discovering that Dhruv still isn’t in a position to leave Thapki, Shraddha gets jealous of her. Aided by Vasundhara She tries to cause a lot of issues in Thapki’s life. She manipulates Vasundhara to believe she is convinced that Thapki is a sinister girl. She believes in Shraddha which makes Thapki’s existence more difficult. It was up to the day Thapki saves Vasundhara from a fallen god. She is unhappy with her decision to rescue Thapki. All of this is as the fate of things, and due to these circumstances Thapki along with Bihaan are in love with one another. In the end, Bihaan admits his love to her, and she feels exactly the same.

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Dhruv, who gets jealous of them, attempts to end their marriage by trying to kill Bihaan. However, Thapki and Shraddha help the day. Dhruv kidnaps and tries forcefully to get married Thapki but Bihaan saves her and she forgives him when she regrets his behavior. He is guilty of his actions. Dhruv quits Pandey Niwas in order to reevaluate his actions.

A couple of months pass and Bihaan’s biological mom Kosi and stepfather Naman come into. They seek an organ from Bihaan for their son Janardhan and find out they know that Bihaan had only one kidney. Thapki says that Kosi would like to have the kidney, however Bihaan does not believe her. Kosi will, to keep Thapki out of the way of obtaining her kidney Bihaan she lies to her about trying to murder her. Thapki attempts to show her innocence the presence members of the Pandey family and, despite every evidence that points against her, nobody is convinced. Disappointed, Bihaan slaps Thapki, and after cutting off all ties to her , he tells her to go away from his life and the Pandey Niwas for ever. Prior to leaving, Thapki writes a letter to inform Bihaan that she’s expecting, hoping that he will never let her leave. However, her letter is discovered by a woman called Sankar who is a lover of Bihaan and wants to have him all to her. Thapki is involved in an accident, which causes her to lose her child who is still unborn.

2 years later on A Touch of Love Glow tv

Thapki is back in the form of business magnate Vaani Oberoi, along with Kabir Katyal who is furious at Bihaan for igniting the home that belonged to his sibling Neha. Dhruv is back to Pandey Niwas. He is told that Dhruv was the person who discovered Thapki following her accident two years ago and has returned to assist her in her mission. Thapki and Dhruv are exposed by Kosi who is kicked out of the home. Kosi quits after warning Thapki and Dhruv that she’ll be back to get revenge. Thapki thinks she is convinced that Bihaan is innocent and that he’s not responsible for the state of Neha’s body, but soon Kabir is too. Thapki, Vasundhara and Neha are the first to expose Sankar as the arsonist who is really responsible. Then, Sankar reveals that it was she who was responsible for the accident that Thapki was involved in just two years earlier.

Sankar escapes. Dhruv divorcing Shraddha and then marries Aditi Thapki, the sister of Thapki. Incredulous, Shraddha comes up with an elaborate scheme, and Dhruv entraps her drunk. Aditi is also pregnant with the child of Dhruv is devastated. Dhruv is able to show that he is innocent to Aditi and family members.

Thapki Bihaan and Thapki reunite, and they remarry. Thapki is expecting. In the meantime, Sankar and Kosi return to Pandey Niwas in disguise, looking for revenge. Sankar pretends to be dead and Bihaan is detained for her suspected murder. Sankar demands Thapki by threatening that Bihaan is only saved when she abandons him. Thapki is forced to accept her ultimatum. She has twin girls Tina and Bani However, as per the terms, she’s ordered to tell Bihaan along with his relatives Bihaan’s daughters aren’t actually Bihaan’s and are actually Kabir’s daughters.


Sankar attempts to murder Tina who Bihaan adopts and saves without realizing she’s his daughter. Everyone believes that Tina was dead. Thapki departs along with Kabir along with Bani. Shraddha informs Sankar that she was aware she had has blackmailed Thapki They form an alliance. Aditi learns of the alliance and alerts Bihaan. They make it to Thapki but they are hurt while traveling after Shraddha hits them over.after they collide with accidents , bihaan has lost his memory and aditi is killed after an accident.

7 years on A Touch of Love Glow tv

Aditi has one son Veer and Shraddha has an infant daughter Ananya. But, Shraddha was a baby swapper in order to have to have a son. Aditi was found dead. Dhruv is responsible for Thapki. Bihaan has lost his memory. Shraddha and Sankar are ill-treated Tina. It’s revealed it is the case that Shraddha as well as Sankar have given Bihaan incorrect medicines, ensuring that he doesn’t regain his memory. Thapki is currently a reporter for the police and is living together with Bani and Tina in Agra. Bani is similar to Bihaan Tina, and Bihaan is like Tina is similar to Thapki. Shraddha and Sankar conspire to break up Bihaan and Tina And Shraddha assigns her to a boarding college in Agra and it happens to be the same school that Bani is studying. Bani and Tina are friends and meet one another. Thapki encounters Bihaan on the way to Bani and Tina’s school and is shocked Bihaan doesn’t recognize her. In the following days, she finds out about Bihaan’s memory impairment. She goes back to help Bihaan’s amnesia. In the end, he recovers his memory. Bihaan, Thapki, Bani and Tina reveal Sankar before the familymembers, and she is detained. Shraddha saves herself.

Amma Mai A gangster kidnaps Bani and demands that she marry their son Prince. It is discovered that Shraddha disguised himself as Thapki to get Bani’s marriage to Amma Mai’s daughter. Bihaan and Thapki are trying for a way to help Bani. Amma Mai fires their guns at Thapki however, Bihaan is able to save her and is shot. Thapki attempts to hold Bihaan in place, thus preventing his falling off the cliff. However, she is unsuccessful, and Bihaan plunges to his death. Police arrest Amma Mai. Bani is adamant about Thapki for Bihaan’s death , and goes her home. Kosi takes Bani in. Shraddha kidnaps Thapki. Vasundhara helps rescue Thapki while he defeats Shraddha.

15 years on A Touch of Love Glow tv

A mature, Tina is engaged to Samar Kapoor. Bani along with Kosi arrive to exact revenge Thapki. Bihaan’s clone Aryan is revealed to be the brother of Bani’s fiancé Manav Khanna. Khanna is contacted by Thapki to pretend to be Bihaan. On the day of the wedding, Kosi creates mayhem in the ceremony in which Tina gets married to Manav and Bani is married to Samar.

Bani apologizes to Thapki. Kosi is detained. Thapki and Bani are abducted by Lovely who is a bar dancer who appears to be Thapki. The girl escapes, but she is blackmailed to silence by Lovely who threatens to take out Bani. Lovely may be Thapki’s long-lost sister Mohini who was separated from their family after she was pushed off a the edge of a cliff.

Samar rescues Bani. Mohini apologizes for her actions. Tina and Vasundhara aren’t yet ready to forgive Thapki for her blunders in their daughter’s lives. In the end, Aryan and Bani clear of all the misunderstandings, and Thapki is released. Aryan gets an invitation to stay with his family and takes over Bihaan’s position. He gets married to Thapki and the family lives happily ever after.

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A Touch of Love Glow tv Cast & Real names:


  • Jigyasa Singh as
    • Vaani “Thapki” Khanna (formerly Pandey / neé Chaturvedi): Poonam and Krishnakant’s daughter; Aditi, Mohini, Varun and Shubh’s sister; Diwakar and Dhruv’s former fiancée; Vasu’s daughter in law, Bihaan widow and Aryan’s wife; Tina and Bani’s mother
    • Bani Malhotra (neé Pandey): Thapki and Bihaan’s elder daughter; Tina’s twin sister; Manav’s former fiancée; Samar’s wife
      • Nitanshi Goel: Acted as ===>Child Bani Pandey
  • Manish Goplani as
    • Bihaan Pandey: Kosi and Sujeet’s son; Vasundhara and Balwinder’s adopted son; Dhruv, Kiran, Sanjay and Ashwin’s adopted brother; Thapki’s husband; Tina and Bani’s father
    • Aryan Khanna: Bihaan’s doppelganger; Manav’s brother; Thapki’s second husband
  • Ankit Bathla/ Jatin Shah: Acted as ===>Dhruv Pandey: Vasundhara and Balwinder’s son; Kiran, Sanjay and Ashwin’s brother; Bihaan’s adopted brother; Thapki’s former fiancé; Shraddha’s former husband; Aditi’s husband; Ananya and Veer’s father
  • Monica Khanna as Shraddha Siakal (formerly Pandey) : Dhruv’s former wife; Ananya’s mother
  • Sheena Bajaj as Aditi Pandey (neé Chaturvedi): Poonam and Krishnakant’s daughter; Thapki, Mohini and Shubh’s sister; Vasu’s daughter in law, Dhruv’s second wife; Veer’s mother
  • Kritika Sharma: Acted as ===>Tina Khanna (neé Pandey): Thapki and Bihaan’s younger daughter; Bani’s twin sister; Samar’s former fiancée; Manav’s wife
    • Luvneet Rajput: Acted as ===>Child Tina Pandey
  • Abhinandan Jindal: Acted as ===>Manav Khanna: Aryan’s brother; Bani’s former fiancé; Tina’s husband
  • Gaurav Wadhwa as Samar Kapoor: Tina’s former fiancé; Bani’s husband


  • Jaya Bhattacharya as Vasundhara “Vasu” Devi: Balwinder’s wife; Dhruv, Kiran, Sanjay and Ashwin’s mother; Bihaan’s adoptive mother
  • Jairoop Jeevan: Acted as ===>Balwinder Pandey: Sumitra and Dilip’s son; Vasundhara’s husband; Dhruv, Kiran, Sanjay and Ashwin’s father; Bihaan’s adoptive father
  • Vishal Thakkar: Acted as ===>Paan, Bihaan’s best friend
  • Surjit Saha as Sunil Kumar Ahuja: Thapki’s colleague
  • Sabina Jat as Kiran Pandey: Vasundhara and Balwinder’s daughter; Dhruv, Sanjay and Ashwin’s sister; Bihaan’s adoptive sister
  • Pooja Sahu: Acted as ===>Suman Singh: Sanjay’s wife, Vasu s daughter in law
  • Resham Thakkar: Acted as ===>Preeti Rawal: Ashwin’s wife, vasu s daughter in law
  • Dolly Chawla: Acted as ===>Sankar Shehlawat
  • Usha Rana: Acted as ===>Sumitra Devi: Matriarch of the Pandey family; Dilip’s wife; Balwinder’s mother
  • Smita Singh as Kosi Devi: Sujeet’s former wife; Naman’s wife; Bihaan and Janardhan’s mother
  • Hemant Choudhary: Acted as ===>Naman Jaiswal: Kosi’s second husband; Janardhan’s father
  • Sehban Azim as Kabir Katyal: Neha’s brother
  • Kamal Sharma: Acted as ===>Neha Katyal: Kabir’s sister
  • Ankit Bhardwaj/Vikky Chaudhary: Acted as ===>Sanjay Pandey: Vasundhara and Balwinder’s son; Dhruv, Kiran and Ashwin’s brother; Bihaan’s adoptive brother; Suman’s husband
  • Sanjay Pandya: Acted as ===>Ashwin Pandey: Vasundhara and Balwinder’s son; Dhruv, Kiran and Sanjay’s brother; Preeti’s husband
  • Sia Bhatia: Acted as ===>Ananya Pandey: Shraddha and Dhruv’s daughter; Veer’s half-sister
  • Atharva Phadnis: Acted as ===>Veeransh “Veer” Pandey: Aditi and Dhruv’s son; Ananya’s half-brother
  • Jaanvi Sangwan: Acted as ===>Shagun Kumari/ Amma Mai: Prince’s mother
  • Rehaan Roy as Monty Shekhawat
  • Vishal Jethwa as Prince Shekhawat
  • Hetal Gada as Kesar Singh
  • Hunar Hali as Mohini “Lovely” Chaturvedi: Poonam and Krishnakant’s daughter; Thapki, Aditi and Shubh’s long-lost sister
  • Aakash Talwar as Janardhan “John” Jaiswal: Kosi and Naman’s son; Bihaan’s half-brother
  • Sharan Kaur as Sheena Arora: Bihaan’s childhood friend
  • Hardik Sangani: Acted as ===>Diwakar Mishra: Thapki’s former fiancé
  • Shakti Singh as Krishnakant Chaturvedi: Poonam’s husband; Thapki, Aditi, Mohini and Shubh’s father
  • Prateeksha Lonkar as Poonam Rai: Krishnakant’s wife; Thapki, Aditi, Mohini and Shubh’s mother
  • Shubh Kalra: Acted as ===>Shubh Chaturvedi: Poonam and Krishnakant’s son; Thapki, Aditi and Mohini’s brother
  • Shrishti Maheshwari: Acted as ===>Sakshi Manjulkar
  • Amit Singh: Acted as ===>Anshuman Roy


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