A Perfect lie update Tuesday 4th February 2020 Starlife

A Perfect lie Tuesday 4 February 2020 Starlife: The Episode starts with Sakshi making the arrangements of the party. Rajnath comes and smiles seeing her.

A Perfect lie Tuesday 4 February 2020 Starlife: He says I can’t understand this party plan. She says don’t try so hard. She says I will find about Durga. He says if Dayal knows, you doubted his daughter, you know what can be the result, with time, a person changes, maybe Durga changes, why to trust that stupid guy. She asks did you change. He says yes. She says what Shekhar told her. She says these two Durga are completely different. He says enough now, it’s a small thing, why are you making it big, do we not fight with Shaurya, if this affects my project, I won’t bear this.

She says relax, it will be a problem if they know our plan, Shekhar will meet Durga, but by chance. Karan tells Shaurya are you mad, Dev is your brother. Shaurya says its not my mistake. I explained him and he did not listen. Karan says I won’t involve in this. Shaurya says they will open the case, what will your dad do then. Dev can destroy us, before that we have to kill Dev. Karan gets tensed. Karan agrees. Shaurya says good bye Dev. Dev calls him and he rejects the call.

Dev tells Suchitra that Shaurya is not taking my call. She says talk to him later. Dev says after what happened, I m sure he is annoyed. She says yes, but he will listen to you, explain him with love. Dev says no, we have grown up now, Durga is not a toy. She asks him does he like Durga. Dev says no. She says then don’t worry, Shaurya is your younger brother. Dev thinks no one can take Nitya’s place in my heart, I became Durga’s friend to know about Nitya, and get her diary.

Sakshi says Shaurya is important to us and he is after Durga, so we have to bring her truth out. Dev comes to them and says Shaurya is misunderstanding me and Durga, we are professionals, nothing else, how to explain him, I m sorry to say this, but I should leave this project as my family is important to me. Rajnath says you know Shaurya is emotional, this project is important for us, its good you managed it well, I want you to continue work, I will talk to Shaurya, don’t worry. He says I know you worry for Shaurya, but I will manage him. Promise me that you will not say to leave this project, you are a winner. Dev smiles and promises him. Rajnath smiles.

Dev leaves. Sakshi says I felt Shaurya makes you dance, but today where did you get the confidence of I will manage. Rajnath says so should I let Dev go, Shaurya is my son, if I don’t manage him, then who will. He leaves. Sakshi looks on. Karan brings someone. Shaurya says I want Dev dead. Shaurya says road accident will be safe for us, Dev can’t be alive. The man says fine, the driver is ready. Shaurya says if you open your mouth, I will see you. The man says never and leaves. Karan says he is real cold blooded killer. Shaurya says its our plan, I m giving an easy death to Dev.

Karan says even I m afraid of you. Shaurya says they should be scared who do wrong with me. Karan thinks about dating Shaurya’s sister. Karan says yes, I can’t do anything against you. Shaurya says now I have to go in Raima’s party, see you. Karan says if Shaurya knows I m dating his sister, then it will be my number after Dev. Sakshi and Rajnath come in the party and meet Raima. Sakshi says such a good party in such a short time. Raima asks about Shaurya, as the party is important for him.

Sakshi says he knows Durga is coming here, he will come. Akash tells Durga that he did not get to know anything about the party. He says congrats, Shaurya is not at home and maybe planning to take revenge from Dev. She says inform me if you know anything. Durga tells Dayal that she does not know what is Sakshi planning. Dayal says use attack or defense, you know your enemies, its your advantage, just be careful. Sakshi calls Shekhar and asks him to come. Shekhar says I will make a grand entry. She says leave your attitude at home, I don’t want over acting. She thinks Durga’s truth will be out soon.

Rajnath asks Raima why is she supporting Sakshi. Raima says I also feel there is some mystery about Durga. He says so what, if Dayal knows this, he will quit the cancer project. She says I can’t stop Sakshi. He says atleast stop yourself. She gets annoyed and asks him to stay away from her. Durga comes with Dayal. Sakshi smiles. Durga says Sakshi’s smile is looking dangerous. Dayal asks her to be with him, as he can help her if anything comes up. Rajnath comes, Sakshi signs him to take Dayal and he takes Dayal. Durga gets tensed. Dayal looks at Durga. Sakshi thinks Durga, get ready for a surprise.

Sakshi asking Durga why is she tensed being away from Dayal in this small party. Durga says she is fine and asks Raima the reason for the party. Shaurya comes and says Raima don’t need a reason to do a party. He says Durga looking pretty. Raima says I felt you would not come. Shaurya says I can’t say no if anyone calls by heart. Sakshi says now you came, so the real party will start now. Durga thinks what does Sakshi want to do, whats the reason for this party. Shaurya greets Dayal and says he will have juice, not wine. Rajnath smiles and asks are you sure. Shaurya says yes.

Shekhar walks in and Sakshi smiles. He comes to meet Raima and sees Durga. Durga looks at him and thinks who is he, why is he looking at me like this. He says hey Durga, whats up, did you identify me. Sakshi comes there to see Durga’s reaction. Dayal says he was my daughter Durga’s classmate in US, if Durga does not know him then, so she is Sakshi’s plan, Shekhar Mehra. He tries to go to Durga, but Rajnath stops him. Shekhar says don’t tell me you don’t know me. Sakshi says why is she not identifying him and asks Durga don’t you know him.

Durga asks do I know him. Sakshi smiles. Rajnath says if Durga is not identifying him, is Sakshi right. Durga says I don’t know him, why should I know him. You tell me, give me one reason that I should know him, tell me Mr. Shekhar Mehra. Sakshi and Raima are shocked. Dayal smiles being relieved. Shekhar says that’s great, why did you take time, tell me where we met. She says junior college right. Raima asks which college. Durga answers everything. Shaurya comes and hears them. Durga says we were friends and he did not invite me in his marriage, why should I remember him.

She introduces him to Shaurya. She says you have hurt me Shekhar. He says you have surprised me, no one knew about it, where you went and see you know Rohini is my wife, you expect me to call you on my wedding, tell me how. Durga says you have to be updated about friends, you did not wish to find me, you got me here in this party. She says congrats for your marriage, I m glad seeing you after many years, thanks to Raima, for this reunion.

Durga asks where did you get him. Raima says we met him accidentally. Durga says Raima and Sakshi, right. She says this might be Sakshi’s idea to surprise me, so sweet of you, but why do I feel that you also got surprised. Sakshi says not at all, I m shocked seeing this coincidence. Durga says what coincidence, nothing happens without any reason, its all planned, we give it the name of fate. Shaurya says come on Durga, lets go. Durga goes with him.

Durga tells Shaurya that Shekhar tried to impress her in college, he was interested in me. He says these days many people are interested in you. Dayal meets Shekhar. Sakshi thinks Durga is a difficult puzzle, you wait for my next move. Shekhar says believe me, she is not Durga, she is somebody else. Sakshi says I gave you chance and got the result, so pack your bags and leave our guest house, the deal is over. Rajnath asks Sakshi why did you trust him, if Dayal knows this, then…. Stop this right here.

Dayal and Durga come home and talk about how Goenkas planned everything, you were blank and I was nervous. I wanted to save you, after what happened with my daughter, I could not do the mistake what happened with her, I could not save her, but I gave you the oath of her, that I will not leave you alone and not with support. She says yes dad, I trusted Maa Durga and her blessings saved me. She thinks how Dayal saved her. How he gave her his daughter’s Durga face. Dayal says the way you choose is very tough, you have to learn new things and forget the past.

He has told her about Durga’s friends. He says Durga loved someone. Dayal says that one moment made me think did I teach you everything well. He says yes, when you said Shekhar’s name, I got relieved. Shekhar tells Sakshi that Durga was behaving weird, like the way she spoke, her style, I m sure she is not Durga I know. Shaurya says you were interested in Durga in college and she rejected you, so you are taking revenge, there is nothing wrong, why are you after her mum. Sakshi smiles and says see who is telling this to me.

Shaurya leaves. Shekhar says please give me more one chance. He says till I give you strong info, don’t stop the business venture. Sakshi says fine. Shekhar says believe me, I will not break your trust. Rajnath says I won’t waste my energy talking on this topic, control this joker and Dayal should not doubt us. Sakshi says you worry just about business, Durga did not come here for business, our familyis already breaking, I will find out her truth.


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