A perfect Lie update Thursday 2 January 2020 Starlife

A perfect Lie 2 January 2020 Update: Raj scolding Shaurya saying Avantika and her dad were not lying.

A perfect Lie update Thursday 2 January 2020 Starlife: You are pathetic. Shaurya says she is lying, she is desperate. Raj says you proposed to her and were going to tale her out tonight, shut up, why don’t you understand, after doing a mistake, you idiot, we are not dealing with any driver, Sahani is the police commissioner of the city, I m fed up. I have to talk to make Sahani leave commissioner’s post. Sakshi looks on and says take it easy Raj. She says its clear now that Shaurya should get married now. Raima said she saw a good girl for him and the girl is very good looking. Shaurya says never mum. She says will you say no to me. He says yes, if you handle my life, I will take the decision of my marriage. She says so mum is there to handle your rape cases. She says don’t raise your voice at me. Shaurya says I m not a kid now. She says then behave responsible. She says you will do what I say. He says no way and I had enough now. He leaves. She says how can he talk to me like this. Raj says I don’t know whats wrong with him, he is changing and becoming strange, but you don’t worry, I will talk to him.

Sakshi thinks of Shaurya’s words. She thinks its because of Durga, I knew she is bad for me and my family. Shaurya hits the punchbag and thinks what happened today and what everyone said him. He says why do this happen with me, what will I explain to Durga now. Raj comes to him and holds the punching bag. Raj says you might have studied in school, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, newton’s third law. Shaurya says leave me alone. Raj says whose mistake was it. Shaurya argues. Raj says who spoke to Sakshi badly. Shaurya says so should I say yes to marry the girl Raima chooses. Raj says do you always agree with Sakshi, you are businessman;s son, learn diplomacy. Raj says don’t worry, I did not come to talk about marriage, you are young, do what you want, just keep your love affairs private, why did you make it happen, that Avantika asked for marriage, are you a fool. Shaurya says dad, I did not promise her I will marry her, if they misunderstood, what I will do, he is powerful so what.

Raj says his power saved you, we gave him money to be quiet, now we have to pay higher authorities to make him quiet, I m afraid, there is no one Ieft to buy and save you. He says do you want to see your dad helpless, if yes then go ahead. Its morning, Sakshi talks to Akash and asks about Durga. She says I want news that I can use, not her social engagements. She says I don’t need to see you till then. Akash leaves. Raj talks to someone and says I will send money in one hour. Sakshi says so you are transferring the commissioner. Raj says yes, else he will not leave Shaurya. He says we are being helpless and have to pay. Durga says but even his son was there in the case, Shaurya was not alone. Raj says but Shaurya repeated it. We need him. Sakshi smiles and says don’t know when will this end. When will Shaurya end this. Avantika cries thinking of Shaurya’s words.

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She thinks she has spent some cosy moments with him. She takes some pills in her hands and says I m sorry mum dad. The maid comes and the pills fall. She brings a letter for Avantika. She asks did Shaurya give this. The maid seeing the pills runs to call everyone. Avantika gets a letter from Durga. Durga tells her that Shaurya loves to play with innocent girl’s lives, he is a rapist then he got freed even after they had proofs, your dad will tell you why this happened, he knows Shaurya’s truth. Sahani and his wife come to see Avantika. Her mum says how can you do this. Avantika shows the letter to Sahani. He reads it.

Durga takes care of Dayal and he acts like he does not eat sugar. She says good, you have four spoons since morning, have this sugarless Loki and lime juice. He says I have to follow hitler’s order. She says it happened like I expected. Mugpatdyay is bribed. She makes Dayal drink it. She says Sahani is transferred. Dayal can’t drink it. Durga smiles. Avantika asks Sahani the truth about Sahani. He says Shaurya is truly the rapist, I was the incharge in that case, I was bribed and proved him innocent, I saved him, he is a monster, I erased the DNA report. He says about Payal is in mental hospital and her sister Nitya is dead and her parents did suicide. If they were here, I would have apologized, I can’t forgive myself.

He says Nitya came to me that day and told me this can happen with my daughter too. He says I don’t know who wrote this letter, I m indebted to her for saving your life. Avantika and his wife hug him. Durga thinks did she use Avantika for her selfish motives, no she knows Shaurya now. Durga sees two sisters and thinks of Payal. She gets a call and says where, fine. Durga comes to meet Avantika. Avantika hugs her and says we are shifting, Papa go transfer. She says its good we will go, and warns about Shaurya. She tells about the letter and everything written in it. Durga says that’s so shocking, but thanks. Avantika leaves. Durga looks at Sahani and says today he understand the daughter’s pain. Sahani leaves with his family. Durga says Payal, I won for second time. Durga coming to Goenka’s house. She waits at the gate and calls Shaurya. He answers the call. She asks are you ready for the surprise. He says always. She says then come outside. He says what, are you out, I m coming. She thinks come Shaurya, today I will enjoy your fears. He comes out and says you are looking very beautiful, I hope your surprise is also beautiful. She says come sit. They leave. Shaurya says its good you called, I was thinking to talk to you. He says I could not understand how to talk, after what all happened with Avantika.

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She says don’t give me any explanations, I m not your girlfriend, so relax. He says you mean to me, I don’t want anything wrong about me to affect you, you are special to me. She says don’t worry, I don’t care about such things, so its fine. He says really? I was tensed how will you react, I feel the surprise is going to be fun. They come to the hospital. He asks why did you bring me here, I did all the payments. She says I knew you will forget, today Babjee can see. Shaurya is tensed thinking about Sakshi’s words about Babjee.

Durga says come. Shaurya is tensed. She says I waited for this day, he can see the world now, I m very happy, are you happy. He says yes, a lot. She says when he sees you first he will be very happy, it’s a perfect surprise for him, this is happening because of you. Shaurya thinks if mum come to know about this, I m dead. He says I did this for you, for humanity, when he sees me and thank me, I will feel awkward. She says so sweet, but I want him to see you as a thankyou gesture from me. He says but. She says for my sake, please.

She says come and takes him to Babjee. Durga talks to Babjee slowly and tells him that she brought Shaurya. Shaurya tries to run. Durga stops him. They open the cloth from Babjee’s eyes. Shaurya hides his face. Durga looks at him and smiles. Babjee opens his eyes and sees Shaurya. He says this can’t happen. He extends his hand to touch Shaurya and his neck. He says doctor, I can’t see anything. Durga is shocked. The doctor says its impossible, your operation was successful, you should see. Shaurya smiles. Durga cries being worried.

Shaurya scolds the doctor and says what is this nonsense. The doctor says he will be fine. We have to do some more tests, please go out. Durga says how can this happen. The doctor says give me some time. Shaurya says he will get his eyes back, come. Durga leaves. Shaurya looks at Babjee and smiles. Shaurya thinks he is lucky man to get saved. Durga gets upset. Shaurya comes home with a bouquet and gives it to Sakshi smiling. Sakshi says if you think I will forgive you, then you are mistaken. Shaurya says mom. Sakshi says do you know you have hurt me a lot.

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He falls on her feet. She says get up, behave yourself. He says please forgive me. She says yes, forgiven you and laughs. He praises her and gives the bouquet. She thanks him. He says I have a good news. Sakshi says what. He says now we don’t need to be afraid of him, he is still blind. Sakshi asks how do you know. Shaurya says I was there infront of him, can you believe it. Sakshi is shocked. Where were you, I told you and warned you not to go to him, have you lost your mind, I have given warning to Babjee and you think you will dance infront of him. Shaurya says he is blind, if you worry for me, then why is Babjee alive till now. Sakshi calls someone and says get here now. Durga comes to meet Babjee. Babjee gets up. She asks are you thinking. He says I used to think how do angels look, but after seeing you I came to know.

Durga smiles and thinks of his acting. He says very impressed, I think you should get best actor award. Babjee laughs. She says her plan that he would have been in danger so she asked him to do acting, we will get time to find about Divya, till then you have to act blind. Babjee says you thought it before. Durga thinks she is doing this planning since two years. Babjee cries thinking about Divya. Durga promises him that she will bring Divya back. Akash comes to meet Sakshi. He tells about Babjee. She says I know everything.

She says I don’t want old info, tell me if you can’t work well, don’t test my patience, do you know where is Durga. Shaurya and Durga were in hospital, he will do something to find Divya. She says maybe he asked Durga for help, she is his guardian angel. She says I told you to find about Durga. Akash says I m trying. Sakshi says I will give you only 24 hours to get everything about Durga, what is her plan and what does she want, else you don’t come here to show your face. She says no get out. Akash leaves. Akash follows Durga.


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