A Perfect lie Saturday 1 February 2020 Starlife: Shaurya coming to meet Durga and thinking about her and Dev.

A Perfect lie 1 February 2020 Starlife: Dev says he will call mechanic and his phone is not getting network. Durga thinks how she has sent Akash to damage Dev’s car. She acts innocent and says till when will we be here. I have to inform dad too. We should take lift. Sakshi and Raima meet a reporter and they have a laugh. He says I would like to use some pics. She checks them and sees Durga.

He says this one is good with Durga. Sakshi says I don’t like this one and gets angry. She says Durga is not my friend. A guy comes and says she is not my friend either. Sakshi asks who are you. Raima asks do you know her.


He says yes, I m Shekhar Mehra, we were classmates in US. Sakshi says that’s interesting. She sends the reporter and asks Shekhar to join them. He says we had few Indians in our class, we had a fantastic group and we are in touch except Durga. He says I m in India since 3 months and heard about her now. He asks her number. Sakshi says but why. He laughs and says trust me, she is my friend. She talks so much, she is a chatterbox. Its headache to talk to her, she is a silly girl. Sakshi says meet face to face and then talk. He says fine, lets meet. Sakshi says she is our business partner, don’t meet at hotel, be our guests, meet at our guest house, I will make you stay there. He says that sounds great and praises her.

Sakshi thinks was Shekhar only her friend or anything else, but he can give some info which I can use to change her future. Dev asks Durga to use his phone and try to get network, till then he will take lift. He says I m sorry, but I will drop you home. Durga says ok Dev. Dev goes in rain and thinks about Nitya. He thinks he wants to live life like you Nitya, I wish you were here with me. Durga calls Dayal from Dev’s number. She says I m sorry, Dev and I are stuck on highway. Dayal says I will send driver. She says I m doing this, I have shut my phone, I know Shaurya will desperately try to call me, and I want to increase it.

Dayal says you can get into trouble. She says don’t worry. She sees Nitya’s pic in his phone and thinks he is daring to keep her pic even after cheating her, Shaurya is better than him, he does not act to be good. Shaurya keeps calling Durga. A truck comes and Dev stops it to take a lift. He asks Sardarji to help him. He agrees. Durga thinks Dev should not know Shaurya called him and deletes Shaurya’s missed call. Dev comes to Durga and says come, lets go to city, Sardar ji is good, your dad might be waiting, come. She says ok. Sardarji asks them to go back and sit. Dev says fine.

Dev gives his hand to Durga. Durga holds his hand and he pulls her up. He slips and she falls on him. They have a talk on the way. Shaurya sees Dev’s car and stops. He checks Dev and Durga are gone and shouts. He says Dev thinks he will get a chance with Durga, where did they go. Durga plays with rain. Dev sees her and smiles. He sees Nitya in her. Dev asks is she hungry. She says yes. Dev asks Sardarji to stop at the Dhaba. He says its not near now, take some apples from the rack and eat. Dev says fine. Dev gives the apple to Durga.

Shaurya says I did not run after any girl till now, I will not let Dev come between us. Durga catches cold and he gives her his coat. She wears it. Durga thinks he looks a perfect man but I know his truth, he does not guts to raise voice for truth. They reach home. Dev helps her come down. Shaurya is still near their car. Dev says as I promised you, you reached home safely. She smiles and thanks him. She goes home. Dev sits back in the truck.

She thinks Dev if you had to keep promise, you would have helped me. Sakshi brings Shekhar to her farm house ad shows him the room. He says thanks aunty. She asks him to call her Mrs. Goenka. He says yes, that’s sounds nice. He asks id Durga still the same. She says we met her few months ago, so how can I say, if I see her in old pics, maybe I can say. He shows her the college pics. He says she was crazy. She sees the modern pics. Sakshi thinks seeing this no one can say you are that Durga whom we know.

Sakshi thinking about Shekhar’s words. She calls Akash and asks where are you. He says you sent for work, I m on highway. She says right, you go. He says I can manage from here. She says no, you go. She ends the call. She thinks I have to know about Durga from Shekhar. Durga comes home and sees Dayal sleeping. She says Baba. He wakes up and says I was waiting for you. She says I m fine, it happened as I planned. He says very good, now go and change. He asks this jacket. She says its Dev. She says Dev is cheating me again, all his goodness is a show. She says we will dine together and leaves to change.

Dayal says your judgements are almost true, but I feel Dev is not wrong. Shaurya calls Durga. She takes his call. He asks where is she, he is waiting on the highway. She says what are you going, I told you I m with Dev and he will take care of me. He asks where are you now. She says Dev dropped me home. Shaurya thinks she is at home and I m here. She says I m fine, Dev took good care of me, he is really sweet, I loved being with him, good rain, romantic songs on radio and apples in the truck. I realized business meetings with Dev becomes something else. She says say thanks to Dev from my side. He says sure. She says no. I will message him myself.

She says I m tired and going to sleep, will talk to you tomorrow. Shaurya shouts Dev, what to do about you, I explained you and even then you………. Dev comes home and sees Durga’s message. He thinks about her and Nitya. He thinks who are you Durga, you feel mine and then stranger. Your smile looks real but your eyes say something different, but why am I thinking about you, I have to get Nitya’s diary form you.

Shekhar meets Sakshi and Raima. He praises Sakshi and asks why did she help him so much. She smiles and says its my habit to help people. She asks about his handicrafts business and says she can promote his talent. He says I like you, I thought only I did research. She says I want to know everything about Durga. He says can’t you find it about her. She says I don’t like arguing with kids. She says will you provide me the info or not. He says yes, I will help you. Durga is a smart, sweet, popular, like an open book. Everyone was stunned when she disappeared, I m curious to know what is she doing here.

Raima says she is working in NGO here, how strange. Sakshi says we don’t want general info, try harder, contact every mutual friend and give me detailed info. He says its great we are friends, else being enemies would have been costly for me. Sakshi says we don’t make friends easily, this is a business deal. Shekhar agree and they shake hands.

Rajnath and everyone have breakfast. Sakshi sees Shaurya and says I think he needs coffee. Rajnath says health industry is booming up, and educational industry is also growing. Dev comes sneezing. He tells Rajnath that the meeting with Prabhakar was good. Rajnath says fantastic, its good news. He asks why are you sneezing. Shaurya says if he stays out in rain all night, then he will catch cold, so Prabhakar was also there or you and your friend. Dev smiles and says no, don’t let me recollect, it rained so heavy and on highway my car broke down, I was stuck. Suchitra says network was also not there, I spoke to him in morning. Dev says Durga was with me. Its good that a truck driver gave us lift.

Shaurya says you are a gentleman and Durga can’t have any problem. But how did the car break down, as our car get serviced regularly. Dev says it’s a machine. Shaurya says strange. Durga comes there and Sakshi sees her. She thinks why did she come here in morning. Durga smiles. She greets everyone and Shaurya smiles. Sakshi says speak of the angel and the angel appears, sit, I must warn you don’t talk business on breakfast. Durga says sorry to come like this, but I did not come to talk about business, it’s a friendly visit.

She says Dev, I came to thank you. Shaurya gets angry. Sakshi thinks you did not come alone but also brought a storm. Rajnath says so Dev said the meeting went well. Durga says yes, the credit goes to Dev, Prabhakar was impressed with Dev. Dev says you all take some credit, she gave me all the briefing. Durga says so it means we are perfect team. Shaurya thinks what a joke. Sakshi says but Durga did you come to praise Dev or anything…. Durga thinks I came to praise Dev infront of Shaurya.

Durga says I m saying what you all know, he is a gentleman. She says I got something for you Dev. She takes out a gift from her purse and looks at Shaurya. She says this is from dad, for caring me so much. Dev says that’s sweet of him, but whats this. She says see it. He gets a laughing Buddha and says thank him from my side. She says its good luck charm. She says one more thing, your jacket. Shaurya looks on angrily. She says if you did not give me your jacket, I would have caught cold. Sakshi thinks I will use Shekhar against you Durga, better watch out.


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