A Perfect Lie update Monday 30 December 2019

A Perfect Lie update Monday 30 December 2019, Durga that Sakshi came here as she wanted her to come here.

A Perfect Lie 30 December 2019 Update: She thinks she came to know about Rajnath and Raima. She saw Akash seeing her and then agreed to meet Shaurya. She says Sakshi deserves this. Sakshi asks the watchman is Rajnath here. He gets a call. She says answer me first. He says yes, he is inside. Durga smiles seeing Sakshi go inside. The watchman says I will be fired, what will happen with Rajnath. Raima asks Rajnath where is he going. Rajnath says Sakshi saw my car, she knows I m here. Raima says what will you tell her. Rajnath says be calm, I don’t know what to do, let me think, be quiet. Sakshi calls out Raj. Raima says you can’t go out.

Sakshi looks at the bedroom. Rajnath asks Raima to hide and be quiet. Sakshi walks towards the door saying Raj. Raj opens the door and says Sakshi you, what a pleasant surprise. He says you were going on lunch with Raima right. She says you were going for a meeting right, and then how come you are here. He says it’s a long story. She says I have time, please explain. He says we kept a meeting here, I thought to talk to them here, as walls also have ears, don’t know what reaches Thakur.

She questions him further. He says my investor will be coming now, he helped in Shaurya’s case, so he is coming here. He asks why is she here. She says Shaurya…….. Durga waits for the drama. She asks where is Shaurya. She says I have to go inside and see. She walks and just then Shaurya comes. She moves back and hides her face. Shaurya sees Sakshi and Raj’s cars and thinks why are they here. Durga smiles and says their family drama will start now. Shaurya asks the watchman why did his parents come here. Durga walks in hiding from him.

Shaurya says I will call Durga. She gets his call. She says not so soon Shaurya. He says damn it, why do they come after me, this is too much. He goes inside and sees Raj and Sakshi talking. Raj asks what did Shaurya go now. Sakshi says he is an idiot, we asked him to stay away from Durga, he called Durga here for a romantic date. Shaurya hears this and says how did mum come to know this. Raima is tensed inside. Raj says you are overthinking, he is not a fool, why will he bring here here for a date. She says Akash keeps an eye on Durga so that we trace Durga. He informed me that Shaurya is meeting Durga.

Shaurya says blo*dy Akash, I will see you. She says I came here to protect Shaurya, I have to teach him a lesson. Raj says come here. He says don’t be angry, sit. He says don’t take tension, go home, and relax. I will do my work and come home. Then we will talk with Shaurya. She says no, Dayal gave us warning, but Shaurya won’t change. She says and you, you are taking this matter cool, I won’t go without meeting Shaurya. Raj says I don’t believe this, we will talk later. He says I m angry on Shaurya, but what can we do. If Shaurya brings Durga here, what can we tell him, nothing.

He says you go home, I will come after sometime, then we will talk. Shaurya says great, dad is talking like me, I doubt on him, why is he sending mum back, have to find out, first I have to stop Durga from coming here. He calls Durga and says pick up the phone. He says I will message her. Raima meesages Raj. Durga says why is Shaurya not going inside. Raj gets a message and reads it. Raj asks Sakshi to leave now. Sakshi says I will meet Shaurya and then go. Raj says we tried out best, we scolded Shaurya, threatened him, did he change, we need to handle this in different way.

He says when Shaurya comes here with Durga, I will insult him, he will come to you with this, be a good mum to him and explain him with love. He says he will understand then. Raima gets tensed. Sakshi says good idea. He says go home, he should not know we were together. He gets angry on her. Raima gets worried. Raj panics. Sakshi says fine, I will leave. She says I will talk to Shaurya at home. Raj holds his heart. She says when Shaurya comes here, don’t be much rude to him. Raj smiles and says you look very beautiful and laughs. He says when you are angry, you look very very beautiful. She laughs. She says I will see you at home. Raima’s phone rings and Sakshi stops. Raima gets worried. Shaurya says whose phone is ringing.

Raima runs to her and cuts the call. Shaurya looks around and says dad is behaving weird. Durga says where is Shaurya going, don’t know whats happening. Sakshi asks whose phone is ringing. Raj says watchman’s phone. She says I think there is someone in bedroom. Raj laughs and says there is no one. Sakshi says I m sure there is someone, trust me. She says alert the security and call police. Raj tries to stop her. Raima says what shall I do now. She sees the window and comes out. Shaurya sees her and she bumps into him. He is shocked to see her.

He says Raima aunty, you here and in bedsheet, whats going on. He asks what are you doing in our farmhouse, wearing bedsheet, where are you flying. She says I will explain later, but now save me. He asks from whom, from dad or mum. She says please, don’t tell anything to Sakshi. Shaurya says but now I know everything and you know I love my mum a lot, who does not hide anything from her. She says please don’t do this, I will do anything, I promise. He teases her. She says I mean ………. He says you are looking very hot, and my dad’s choice is nice. He takes a photo with her and says your secret is mine now. He smiles.

Durga waiting outside the farmhouse. She says I think I have to go in and see. Sakshi asks Rajnath who is inside, he does not want her to meet that someone. He says what nonsense. She asks who is there. He says no one. She says I get it now, you wanted to send me soon as there is someone inside. He says no one, trust me. She says let me meet your secret. Raj panics as she opens the door. She is shocked to see Shaurya inside. Shaurya says mom and Raj turns to see him. She says Shaurya, you. Raj is shocked seeing Shaurya.

Sakshi asks what are you doing here inside. Shaurya stops her from going in the room and says don’t tell me anything, this was dad’s plan. Raj says yes and laughs. He asks what are you saying. She says that’s enough both of you, I don’t like suspense, tell me whats going on here. Raj gets tensed. Shaurya looks at him and says cheat which dad gave you. He says he has hidden a truth from you. Sakshi looks at Raj. Raj laughs and says Shaurya and Sakshi, I will explain.

Shaurya says we got married 24 years ago and its sad you did not know him and hat he does behind your back. Raj holds Shaurya’s hand. Shaurya says its amazing dad, how do you do this, hats off to you. Sakshi asks whats going on here. Shaurya frees his hand from Raj and looks at him. He says dad, now we have to tell the truth to mum. Durga tries to hear them.

Raj holds Shaurya and Shaurya says no dad, now your game is over, now we have to tell the truth. Raj gets worried. Durga says they look worried, but where is Raima. Raj signs Shaurya no. Shaurya says relax dad. Shaurya tells Sakshi that he wanted to bring Durga alone here but dad came before me. He says there is nothing that dad did not try to convince me. Raj is shocked. Shaurya says I know its my mistake t bring Durga here, but now I regret. Raj smiles seeing his son lie and save him. Sahurya apologizes to Sakshi and Raj. He smiles. Raj says ofcourse.

Sakshi says so this was the secret of father and son. She smiles and says I m really happy that you understood with Raj’s explanation. She says I m happy seeing your changed attitude. Shaurya says thanks mum, all the credit goes to dad. Raj says sometimes there should be man to man talk between father and son. Sakshi says I agree, I could not think in 24 years that you will explain Shaurya. Raj asks Sakshi to go home and they will come after her.

The guard catches Durga. She is shocked. He asks whats this, who are you. Durga lies. He says come with me. She sees his name badge and says Sharma ji, I came here to meet Shaurya to surprise him, but you spoiled it. She says if Shaurya knows this, he will fire you. The guard says I m sorry, I did not know you came for Shaurya. She says fine, Sakshi and Raj are here, I will meet him when he is alone. He says yes, I will support you. She fools him. Durga sees Sakshi leaving. Shaurya smiles. Durga asks the guard not to tell anyone that she came.

She leaves and goes outside the gate. Raj signs bye to Sakshi with a smile. Sakshi says I know Raj, you love Shaurya a lot. Raj says don’t worry, he said he regrets right. I will finish the meeting and come home. She says fine, see you and leaves. Durga is puzzled. Raj gets relieved and goes inside to talk to Shaurya. Durga says how can this happen, how could Sakshi could react seeing Raj and Raima together, did my plan fail. No, this can’t happen. She says I have to find out what happened inside.

Shaurya scares Raj saying mom and laughs. Raj says this was not funny, stop acting. Shaurya says lets call the one whom I want to dedicate my acting. He asks Raima to come out. Raima comes out. Shaurya laughs getting to know his dad’s affair. Raj says Shaurya, I can explain this. Shaurya says dad, you don’t have to. He says I don’t understand, you always told me to hide the affairs, and you could not keep the secret. He shows him Raima’s pic. He says he says thank God only I got to know this, imagine if mum knew this, then you were gone.

Raj says what do you want, sports bike or car. Shaurya says no, you will give me just like that, what I want, I will ask you when the time comes, I know you will never say no to me. He smiles. Raj says yes. Shaurya says excuse me and goes out. Raj asks Raima to change. She goes in the room. Shaurya calls Durga. She answers his call. She says I got your message. He says I felt sad but what to do, dad has urgent work and I m sorry I cancelled the plan. She says its ok, I m stuck in an important meeting.

He says what a coincidence, it looks we are made for each other. She asks is everything fine at farmhouse. He says yes, I think it was a great day. She says bye and ends the call. Shaurya leaves from the farmhouse. Durga gets angry. She comes home and Dayal asks what happened. He asks are you ok, tell me. She says our plan failed. He asks how. She says don’t know, everything is fine in between them, Raj and Raima’s affair did not come out, Sakshi is happy and is after Divya.

She says dad, she will harm Divya. He says relax. She cries and says I m worried for Divya and Babjee were my only supporters and went against the Goenkas, if anything happens to them …….. he says nothing will happen, why do you forget that we also have men, we will know when Sakshi gets Divya, before she harms her, we will free Divya from her. Durga says yes, you are right. She says I will not let anything happen to Divya.

She thinks she won’t let Sakshi reach Divya. Sakshi calls Akash and says I want Divya in next 24 hours, work on my plan. He says don’t worry, we will get her in few hours, her posters are everywhere in the city. A goon sees Divya’s pic and says I saw her somewhere. Divya is shown teaching at small school.


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