A Perfect Lie update Friday 20 December 2019 Starlife

A Perfect Lie update Friday 20 December 2019

Hightlights: A Perfect Lie Season 1 update Friday 20 December 2019
(Episode 7&8
Episode 7
Rajnath decides to acquire his sister-in-law, Suchitra’s land for Dr Dayal’s cancer hospital. Rajnath and Sakshi try to convince Suchitra to hand over the land. Meanwhile, Durga recalls the Goenkas’ and Navi Mathur’s misdeeds.
Episode 8
Dr Dayal arranges for Navin Mathur and Mr Chaudhary’s meeting. In the meantime, Durga, who wants Sakshi to head the hospital project, tampers with the security alarms in Shaurya’s office.)

A Perfect Lie Friday update 20 December 2019: Durga thinks about Payal’s childhood and when she was thrown away by Sakshi. She looks at the house and thinsk about the past. Durga says Goenka’s does not know that our arrival here will be inauspicious for them. The Goenkas welcome Thakurs. Suchitra greets Dayal. Durga finds Suchitra a good human being. Durga says my dad told me about your charity schools, even I m linked to a NGO. Suchitra asks her to call her aunty. Dayal talks to Raj. They sit for dinner. Shaurya looks at Durga and thinks Durga should agree you and smile.

Suchitra talks to Dayal about the land and gives the proposal of her land. She says I run my school, by my husband’s name, Arnav Goenka, we use only 10%, you can make your hospital there. Dayal and Durga are happy. Dayal says Durga is an important part of this project. Shaurya flirts with Durga. Durga smiles. Dayal asks who will be leading the project. He says I think …… Durga says I know what you are thinking, you are right. She looks on.

A Perfect Lie update Friday 20 December 2019 Starlife

A Perfect Lie update Friday 20 December 2019 Starlife

Durga naming Sakshi. Sakshi is very happy and says I m honored. Durga thinks she has to get closer to the enemy to bring their true face out. Dayal talks to Durga and says how did you think Sakshi can head the project as Suchitra is the owner of the land. Durga says I saved Suchitra from Sakshi, Sakshi would have not kept relations with her and now I can be close to Sakshi so that I can lead. Sakshi talks to Raj and says you might be happy that we got the land. Raj says yes, and you are the project head. She says my everything is yours, but Durga is no one to us, I m thinking why did she choose me, is there any reason behind all this. Raj says are you doubting on her or on yourself, have confidence. Sakshi thinks she has a doubt as the happiness is sudden. Dayal says remember the land is Suchitra’s and Sakshi can make the land on her name. Durga says I spoke to lawyer. Dayal says good, but be careful. Its morning, Shaurya is with his friends. Vicky taunts Shaurya. They make fun of Shaurya for losing the bet. Vicky says he did not even hold her hand till now. Shaurya gets angry. Shaurya says she will be mine before the bet time ends. Vicky says I was thinking I will book the car. Mathur talks to Sakshi and says the journalist is not anywhere. Sakshi scolds him and says he is not in this country. Mathur says you are giving him much importance.

Sakshi says maybe they are enemies in friend’s face, I will not lose. Someone calls Chaudhary and says I know how Raj cheated you. He says I can help you. Its Dayal who called him. Durga says one more call. Dayal calls and tells Mathru that he can give info about the journalist. He says I can give you his name and meet you. Mathur says fine, I will come. Dayal says the plan is ready. Durga says fine, I will do my remaining work. Durga is with Shaurya and says you should have called, I would have gone and took my tablet from your office. She says we are business partners.

Shaurya says we did not know each other some days before. He flirts. She says you are funny and laughs. He says you look beautiful when you smile, you are my life and fate. Durga thinks how Shaurya ditched Payal. Durga thinks I will turn your life into death. Shaurya says you might have heard that I m a playboy, I did not care about my image but now I m in tension after meeting you, as you are not only a friend. She says enough. He says I have fallen for you. She says careful. He holds her hadn and she backs off. She says I m fine single, for now let’s be like this. He says fine, but I need you. Shaurya thinks you will be hurt by making me away, its my promise that I will get you.

Mathur and Chaudhary see each other and have a talk. Someone takes their photos. Mathur thinks he should not sit with him, but he will leave soon. Chaudhary thinks why did he come here. Chaudhary gives a bag to Mathur. Mathur thinks who has sent it for me. He says its not mine. Shaurya and Durga come to the office. Durga sees no one has lit the diya in the office temple and she lits it. She thinks everything will be fine.

A Perfect Lie update Friday 20 December 2019 Starlife

A Perfect Lie update Friday 20 December 2019 Starlife

Durga gets her tab and says don’t know how it came here. She says now we can go. He says so soon, let be here for sometime. She says not today. He says NGO meeting, I m jealous, I wish I was your NGO. She asks where is the washroom. He says left. She says keep this tab else I will forget it in washroom. Shaurya leaves from his cabin. She thinks go Shaurya, enjoy. She goes in Control room and thinks now I will do my work. Shaurya checks her tab. Durga takes essence sticks. Shaurya sees his pics in her tab and is happy. She makes the fire alarm ring by the fumes. Everyone panic and says there is fire in the building, run. Shaurya hires the alarm and is shocked. Durga checks some files.

Shaurya comes back in the office and runs to save Durga. Sakshi comes and the watchman says Shaurya is in his cabin and it caught fire. Shaurya thinks the Lord gave him a chance to impress Durga, its easy to win the best now, here I come Durga. Durga is trying to get some files in Mathur’s cabin. She hides. Sakshi gets Shaurya and asks why did you come here. He says I m fine, I came to see Durga. Sakshi asks what is she doing here. He says she forgot her tab and came to take it. She says she is not downstairs too. The watchman says it was a false alarm. Sakshi asks him to call Mathur soon. Sakshi looks at Mathur’s cabin and walks towards it. Durga is still inside transferring some data from his computer.

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