A Perfect Lie 13 November 2020 Star life Written update: Durga talking to Divya. She says my dad and I are alive today because of you. Durga thinks Divya and her dad supported her at bad times. Divya says my dad is with me today because of you. She says you saved us from Sakshi’s deadly motives. I want to help you in getting Goenkas punished. She says dad has sent blessings for you and told me he will not find peace till Goenkas are finished. She says don’t worry, I m dead in world’s eyes and will always be. The ward boy asks Dr Sanjukta to go home as its late. She says I will go later and checks test results. She says I can’t believe my eyes and rushes to see Shaurya. She moves his feet and thinks how can this be possible, the reports said something else. She hurts him by a needle. Shaurya does not react. She leaves. Shaurya moves hot foot and whistles. Durga comes home and asks Dev why is he awake till now.

Dev says I want to get rid of problem between us and reminds him of their first lunch and how always problems happened when they had food together. She gets serious. He says relax, I m joking. He asks her about Nitya’s reaction on knowing he is in jail. wShe says lets have food first as my mind is not working without food. Dev thinks Nitya will give me all my answers very soon. Sakshi wakes up and gets a useless call. Rajnath asks why is she stressed in morning by her phone. He says I had a strange kiddish dream and tells him. He goes to get tea for her.

Dev comes to car rental office and asks about the car details and who hired it. The receptionist checks it and gives details about the hotel who hired it. Dev overreacts in anger and says he will find it out at the hotel. Sakshi is worried about Shaurya’s footage in Akram’s hand. She gets the tea and makes it. Her phone rings. Rajnath calls her to scare her more. He blackmails her and asks for video of his dad’s death. She asks is he mad. Rajnath says I want that video Sakshi Rahmat Khan, I will do my dad’s work, give me the video or else I will leak Shaurya’s footage. He gives her choice to choose Shaurya or herself. She is angry as Akram is daring to snatch everything from her. She recalls her and Rahmat’s promises and how he gave her happiness.


She got the chance to meet Rajnath Goenka by Rahmat’s contacts. Rahmat introduces her to Rajnath. She recalls her affair with Rajnath. Rajnath has in love with her and she tells him she is married. He says you chose a wrong man and they started dating. Rajnath was mesmerized by her beauty and then dumped her saying he keeps her out of his home. She asks was he playing with her feelings. Rajnath laughs and calls her stupid to think he will marry her. He says Rahmat does not deserve her and she does not deserve Rajnath. He says I m sorry but you will get more chances. She then gets the video of Rajnath killing a man and used it to blackmail him. Rajnath threatened Rahmat to give the tape to him and Rahmat refused him saying he will show the truth to everyone.

Sakshi then cracked a deal with him asking him to marry her. She says I want to become Mrs Sakshi Goenka. Rajnath says I can kill you here. She blackmails him to ruin him. She says she is a widow as Rahmat died in the fire caught in the press, now only he is her option. She comes in present and says Akram can’t understand its impossible to snatch my things from me. Dev comes to hotel and asks a lady about enquiry department. The general manager meets Dev recognizing him as he has seen him on TV news. Dev shows car number and it was hired two years ago. Dev asks for all details. An office member calls Dev asking him to prepare for board meeting. Dev asks him to send all docs at home. The manager gives him car details and he is shocked seeing Dayal Thakur name.

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Dev confronting Dayal Thakur. Dayal asks what is the matter. Dev says you have killed Nitya by your car accident. Dayal is shocked. Dev says there is no place to lie now. He says he has seen Nitya’s death certificate and FIR report having car number by which Nitya was hit. He says I found out it was rented on your name. Dayal says what was the need to do all this. Dev says I will question you and you will answer. He asks is this true that he has killed Nitya. Karan workouts in gym and is surprised seeing Rajnath.

Rajnath says many time unexpected things happen. He says he has come to meet him. Karan worries. Rajnath says Kangana told me about her and your relationship. He says she is my daughter and I love her, if you are playing with her I will not bear this. He asks does he really love her and what are his intentions. Karan thinks of his dad’s words and says I m very serious about her. Rajnath says I knew this, what do you think about marriage, and engagement in two weeks. Karan says election time and dad is busy. Rajnath says I will talk to Basu. He thinks I know you are not so serious and I will control Basu and you. Dayal tells Dev its true that Nitya’s accident was done by his car. He says Nitya did not die that night as she is alive. He reminds him about the deal. Dev says about bringing her to me on her birthday. I always knew she is alive and now I know that she is infront of me and she was always with me day and night.

He says I know you did not kill Nitya but gave her a new life, love and courage. He thanks him for saving Nitya and saving him also. He touches Dayal’s feet and hugs him. Dayal feels Dev is right but he still can’t say yes. Dev says no need to say yes, your silence has said everything to me, thank you so much uncle.

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Dayal holds him and smiles. Dev says thanks for bringing my Nitya in my life. He leaves for home. Dayal prays to Maa and she has shown light to Dev. He says I will accept this decision as he has done Kanyadaan and he has to inform Durga. He calls Durga and can’t tell her anything thinking if he tells her, she can react wrong. He leaves everything on Maa Durga. Durga worries and calls him asking is he fine. Dayal lies saying it was speed dial. He says I m taking Payal to rehab centre and will talk later. He prays to Maa to manage everything.

Dev drives home and cries saying it looks like dram, he could not identify Nitya being so foolish. He says now I know you are Nitya, He thinks about Durga and Nitya’s connection. He reaches home thinking what will he tell her. Durga tells Divya that she will tell her plan and they should start working. Dev comes to her and she mistakenly gets on him. She says sorry I did not know when you came. Dev thinks she was always infront of him. He says I m thinking about you. She asks what. He says you covered the truth and hidden it. She asks what truth. He says that Durga is my Nitya. She is shocked and cries. He says I was finding my friend who was always infront of me. Durga says she is not his Nitya. Dev calls it enough and says he has all proof that she is Nitya. He says every person told me you are dead and my heart said you are alive. She says all of them said right, Nitya is dead, I m her shadow. She breaks down saying she is broken so stay away.

She says I can’t make your life uncolored like mine. Dev says don’t make me away from you and holds her hand. He says I don’t have any aim to life, I love you Durga.


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