A Perfect lie Monday 13 January 2020: The episode begins with Shaurya coming home drunk.

A Perfect lie 13 January 2020: On the other hand Rajnath is shown talking to Raima. Raima gets scared thinking what would have happened if Sakshi would have caught them. Rajnath consoles her saying its okay. As he is talking he hears Shaurya coming. He keeps the phone. Scene then shifts to Divya who is shown trying to cut the rope with the pocket knife. She manages to cut it. Back to Goenka’s. Shaurya assures Rajnath that the way he saved him at the farmhouse he will continue to do so through out his life.

Flashback is shown of how Shaurya saves them that day and then shows them the photo he took. Rajnath asks him what does he want. Shaurya gets impressed that his father has sixth sense. He tells him that he wants to get engaged to Durga. He gets angry with the way Dr Dayal had insulted him. He tells him to phone her dad now and tell him. Scene then shifts to Durga. She is talking to her dad. She expresses her concern over Divya and that the informer is not reachable either. Her father asks her to go to the old age home and that he wil meet her there. Back to Shaurya, he tells Rajanath how he will get engaged to Durga and when the right time comes he will dump her. He says that the only way this will happen is when the Cancer Project is totally under their control. He says to Rajnath that he has to do this. Rajanath tells him that till now he has fulfilled all his demand and that he will do this one too.
Rajnath tells him that he will have to prove himself capable and reliable in front of Dayal. He says that we could do it in front of the court and media but to convince Dayal is impossible. Shaurya laughs and tells him that the way he has been cheating on Skahsi and hiding it so nicely it wouldn’t be so difficult for him to convince Dayal. Scene then shifts to Durga she comes to the old age home but doesn’t find Bagchi, the employee tells her that two people came and took him away. Durga is shocked. Back to Divya the kidnappers stop to got to the toilet and using that oporutunity Divya escapes from the van. Durga is then shown driving trying to locate Payal. She gets a message from the informer asking her to reach some highway, she reads it and says that she is going in the right direction. Divya is about to reach Durga but the kidnappers catch her on time. Durga gets the feeling that she heard someone scream and gets out of the car. She then gets another message from the informer asking her to stay on that expresses way she is at right now. The kidnappers take Divya away in the car.

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On the other hand Akash and Sakshi are shown going somewhere. They reach the place where the kidnappers have kept Divya. Sakshi has flashback of how Durga tells her that she will testify against them and Shaurya. Sakshi removes her blindfold. Divya is shocked to see her. Informer messages Durga about the place Divya is held captive at.

Diya asks her what she wants as she has done what she wanted to already and killed my father too. Sakshi tells her that she hates two things one beggars and next seeing her cry, she tells her about her father being alive, Divya asks her how as she thought that her father was dead the night he got attacked. Flashback is shown of the night Bagchi was being attacked. Bagchi tells her daughter to run for her life. He gets beaten up brutally by Shaurya and his gang. He slips and falls into a ditch. Divya gets shocked. Back to Sakshi and Divya. Divya wants to meet her father. Sakshi tells her that if she wants to meet her father and live happily with him again then tell her about Durga. Divya denies knowing Durga. Sakshi says she has allergy towards people who say no. She asks her to tell her. Divya tells her she doesn’t know. Sakshi tells her that if she doesn’t answer her questions she will have her father killed. Next Bagchi is shown being bought to the same place. Divya is happy to meet her father. Bagchi has a flashback of how Sakshi told him that he will find his daughter within 48 hours.

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Divya meeting Babjee. Sakshi says there is a bad news, he lost his eyesight. Babjee cries. Sakshi asks Babjee to hug Divya. He cries and looks at her. He acts like being blind and goes to him. He hugs her. Durga in on the way. Babjee and Divya look at her with anger. The wood falls and Babjee holds it. Sakshi smiles seeing Babjee playing a game with her. She says you got your eye sight back. She says you can see me. Divya says don’t do anything to my dad. Sakshi says we have to do special treatment with him, something should happen with his daughter that he wants to get blind.

The goons take Divya. Babjee says please leave my daughter. They hold a knife on Divya’s neck. Sakshi says don’t bore me, you tell me why did you do this drama, on whose saying. Akash looks on. She asks is this Durga’s plan. Whats your connection with Durga. Babjee thinks about Durga. He says Durga is a nice girl.

Sakshi says maybe, but what does she want from my family, why is she after my son. He says I don’t know anything, I met her in ashram, I felt she is like Divya for me. She used to come to meet me often. Sakshi says really? Then why did you lie to me about eyesight. He says Durga did not ask me to lie. He says Durga also does not know I can see. Akash scolds him and says tell the truth, your daughter can become blind for sure.

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Akash says I think we should leave. Babjee says please live us, I promise I will go far from you. Durga calls Dayal and says she is reaching the place. Dayal says you don’t go. Durga says I can’t live them to die. Dayal says try to understand, she is dangerous. I will come to you. She says we don’t have time. Dayal prays for her. Sakshi thinks about Shaurya and comes out. She asks her goons to light fire to the place. She says make them ashes, no one should know about this place and them.

Durga comes to the location and sees Sakshi leaving. The place is full of fire. Durga cries. Akash asks the goons to leave before the police comes. Akash also leaves. Babjee and Divya are trapped inside. Durga comes there and looks at the fire. She shouts Divya and Babjee. She tries to break the door and is stopped by Akash. She looks at him. She says I want to save Babjee and Divya, let me go. He says they will be saved, I have always helped you, I won’t let anything happen to them, trust me.

Akash takes Durga inside. He breaks the door. She look for Divya and Babjee. Babjee says we are here Durga. Akash and Durga reach them. They free Divya. Durga says we have to take them to doctor. They take them out. Dayal takes care of Divya and Babjee. Durga asks Durga why did he not inform he rbefore about Divya. He tells her everything that he was with Sakshi and was driving. He says Sakshi did not tell him the exact location. He says I messaged you as I got info.

Durga says it means Sakshi was determined that she wanted to keep this in her control. She says if the end is good, then everything is fine, thanks Akash. You saved me from a big guilt today. She smiles.

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