A Perfect Lie January Official Teasers 2020

A Perfect Lie January Official Teasers 2020

A Perfect Lie Wednesday 1 January 2020
(Episode 22)
Sakshi instructs Aakash to find Payal and keep an eye on Durga. Raima invites Sakshi and Durga to a painting exhibition, where a painter gifts Durga a portait of Sakshi. In a bid to create a rift between Sakshi and Shaurya, Durga informs Avantika about Shaurya marrying soon. Will her plot succeed?

Remove term: A Perfect Lie January Teasers 2020 A Perfect Lie January Teasers 2020

A Perfect Lie January Teasers 2020 A Perfect Lie January Teasers 2020

(Episode 23)
Avantika’s father, Sahani, invites the Goenkas for dinner. Dr Dayal and Durga join them. At the dinner table, Sahani proposes Avantika and Shaurya’s marriage. However, Shaurya turns it down. Meanwhile, Durga recalls something about Sahani. What is it?

A Perfect Lie Thursday 2 January 2020
(Episode 24)
On learning about Shaurya’s refusal to marry her, Avantika contemplates suicide. However, she receives an anonymous letter, which reveals that Shaurya had raped Payal. Meanwhile, Avantika informs Durga about the letter and advises her to stay away from Shaurya. Who sent the letter?

(Episode 25)
Durga informs Shaurya that Bagchi wants to see him first, after his operation. On Durga’s advice, Bagchi pretends to be blind. A delighted Shaurya informs Sakshi about Bagchi’s failed operation. Why does Durga ask Bagchi to lie?

A Perfect Lie Friday 3 January 2020
(Episode 26)
Aakash follows Durga and clicks her photographs with Payal. Later, he shows them to Sakshi. Sakshi shares the photos with Shaurya, who confronts Durga about her relationship with Payal. What will Durga do now?

(Episode 27)
Durga introduces Payal to Shaurya. On seeing Shaurya, Payal screams and leaves the asylum. Later, Durga comforts Payal. Shaurya informs Sakshi about his meeting with Payal. Meanwhile, Raima informs Sakshi that a tarot card reader has predicted bad times for the Goenkas.

A Perfect Lie Monday 4 January 2020
(Episode 28)
To get information about Nitya, Sakshi meets Navin Mathur in jail. He hands over details of the goons, whom he had hired to kill Nitya. Meanwhile, Aakash shows Nitya’s death certificate to Sakshi. What does Sakshi ask Aakash to do next?

(Episode 29)
Durga lies to Shaurya about meeting Payal in an NGO. She also informs Shaurya that she is aware of what he did to Payal. Shaurya tells her he was framed. Meanwhile, Aakash disguises himself as a doctor to acquire Payal’s medical reports. Will he succeed?

A Perfect Lie Tuesday 5 January 2020
(Episode 30)
Shaurya informs Sakshi that Durga had met Payal in an NGO and how he has convinced Durga of his innocence. Meanwhile, Durga learns that Aakash disguised as a doctor to acquire Payal’s medical reports. What do the reports say?

(Episode 31)
Dr Dayal informs Rajnath and Sakshi that he is looking out for a boy for Durga, and asks Shaurya to stay away from her. An upset Shaurya informs Durga he is going to meet Payal. Durga reaches the hospital to stop him. Later, Shaurya tells Durga something shocking.

A Perfect Lie Wednesday 6 January 2020
(Episode 32)
Shaurya asks Durga to inform Dr Dayal about his innocence. On learning about Shaurya’s intention to visit Payal, Durga tells him if he meets her regularly, she might recover faster. Later, Durga tricks Sakshi in believing that the spectacles, which Mr Bagchi was searching for, belong to Dr Dayal.

(Episode 33)
Sakshi instructs Aakash to circulate posters of Bagchi’s missing daughter, Divya. Believing that Sakshi might harm Divya, Durga stops her search. Meanwhile, Sakshi asks Raima to accompany her to the farmhouse. Why does Raima panic?

A Perfect Lie Thursday 7 January 2020
(Episode 34)
In a bid to stop Sakshi from visiting the farmhouse, Rajnath lies to her about a meeting. While Sakshi informs Rajnath about Shaurya and Durga’s visit to the farmhouse, Raima’s phone rings. Meanwhile, Raima tries to escape through the window, but is caught by Shaurya. Will Sakshi learn the truth?

(Episode 35)
Sakshi arrives at the farmhouse and sees Shaurya in the bedroom. Shaurya saves Rajnath saying he was trying to convince him to stay away from Durga. Meanwhile, Durga is disappointed when Sakshi continues to remain clueless about Rajnath’s illicit affair with Raima. What will she do now?

A Perfect Lie Friday 8 January 2020
(Episode 36)
Shaurya expresses his wish to help the poor to Durga, but she asks him to stay away from her. In the meantime, Divya is kidnapped and the kidnapper informs the same to Sakshi and Aakash. Durga vows to find Divya. Will she succeed?

(Episode 37)
Even as Rajnath assures Raima not to worry about Sakshi, an intoxicated Shaurya blackmails him over his illicit affair. Durga learns that Bagchi is missing from the old age home. Meanwhile, Divya is handed over to Sakshi, who informs her that her father is alive. Will Sakshi learn Durga’s truth?


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