A Perfect Lie update Tuesday 31 December 2019, Nruse asking Payal to have food. Payal sees a video of two sisters playing and thinks of her and Nitya.

A Perfect Lie 31 December 2019: She imagines Nitya coming to her and cries. She says Nitya you came, I knew this. Its actually Durga. Payal sees her and says where is my Nitya Di. Durga says you want her to come to meet you, you have to get well for this, and have food first. Payal sees Nitya in her. She says I can see my sister in you, I m sure you will make me meet her. Durga nods yes and kisses her forehead. Durga cries and says I will make you meet Nitya. She gets a message and reads it. She reads that Shaurya came to discharge Babjee from the eye hospital. Shaurya waits at the hospital. He whistles seeing some nurses. Durga comes there and says you here, what a surprise. He says yes, hospital staff called me saying they have to discharge Babjee, so I came to do the formalities. He acts acting again and says I promise I will cure many poor people. She says great. He says your dad’s cancer project is an opportunity for me to help poor people. She says that’s amazing, I will tell dad that you are not so bad as he thinks.

He says don’t know why his mood changes hearing my name. He holds her hand and says I don’t want to lose a friend like you. She says you know parents are protective about their children. He thinks of Sakshi protecting him from everyone in rape case. She says so dad wants you to be away from me. She says once I get married, then no problem. She says lets go to Babjee, he will be happy seeing you. He stops her holding her hand. He says actually I also want to meet him, I will end my mum’s work first. He says greet him from my side. She says thanks for everything.


Shaurya thinks what does she want to tell me talking about marriage, did they think I m social worker, once I get Durga, then she will know who am I. Durga tells Babjee that they are going back to old age home, and no one should know he can see. Durga thinks she has to do this acting till she finds Divya. She brings him to old age home and says don’t worry about Divya, take care of yourself, don’t go out from here, I will find out about Divya, promise.

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Divya teaches at a school and comes home. She looks at her dad’s pic with flowers. She says Sakshi can fall very low in anger. He says I m worried about Divya. Durga promises her that she won’t let anything happen to her. A man knocks Divya’s door. He shows her the reward paper and comes inside. He says I m Jagga. She asks what do you want. He says a lot of money. They kidnap Divya. Akash comes Goenka house and greets Shaurya. Shaurya asks him to be afraid of him, as he is a very bad man. He warns him and says don’t come after me next time, don’t give any info to my mum about me.

Akash smiles and says I know your power, but I work for your mum. He leaves. Akash comes to Sakshi and says I did not get any call till now. The waiter comes to hear their talk. Akash gets a call from Jagga. He talks to him and comes to know Divya is with Jagga. Jagga asks him to keep money ready. Akash asks are you sure. Sakshi talks to him and says I will come to take her myself. Sakshi thinks about Divya. Sakshi and Akash leave. The waiter hears everything. Jagga takes Divya’s pics and sends it to Akash. Durga tells Dayal that she has to save Divya and Babjee. Dayal says don’t worry, nothing will happen to them. Durga gets a message from informer.

Durga is shocked and says Sakshi has found Divya. Dayal asks what did he tell more, where is Divya. Durga says Sakshi is going to meet Divya, I know she will keep an eye on Babjee, I have to shift Babjee to a safe place, I have to rush. She says my informer will tell me the location when he gets to know about it. Dayal says I will also come. He gets a call and gets tensed. He says fine, prepare for the operation, I will come. Jagga thinks they will get Rs 10 lakhs.

Sakshi calls Raj and he asks her what will she do with Divya and Babjee. She says don’t take stress. He asks her to be calm. She says Akash is with us to handle the situation. She asks him to plan a prty for their victory, as she will give a big reason to celebrate. Raj says Akash is with you. Akash asks Sakshi whats the plan, to give money to Jagga. Sakshi asks him to have patience. He says we should have plan of action. She says I have, you just wait and watch.

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Sakshi thinks about Divya. Durga also leaves to find Divya and is tensed as the informer is not taking her call. She says pick up the phone. Sakshi thinks no one can harm Shaurya, till I m alive.

Shaurya coming home drunk. On the other hand Rajnath is shown talking to Raima. Raima gets scared thinking what would have happened if Sakshi would have caught them. Rajnath consoles her saying its okay. As he is talking he hears Shaurya coming. He keeps the phone. Scene then shifts to Divya who is shown trying to cut the rope with the pocket knife. She manages to cut it. Back to Goenka’s. Shaurya assures Rajnath that the way he saved him at the farmhouse he will continue to do so through out his life.

Flashback is shown of how Shaurya saves them that day and then shows them the photo he took. Rajnath asks him what does he want. Shaurya gets impressed that his father has sixth sense. He tells him that he wants to get engaged to Durga. He gets angry with the way Dr Dayal had insulted him. He tells him to phone her dad now and tell him. Scene then shifts to Durga. She is talking to her dad. She expresses her concern over Divya and that the informer is not reachable either. Her father asks her to go to the old age home and that he wil meet her there. Back to Shaurya, he tells Rajanath how he will get engaged to Durga and when the right time comes he will dump her. He says that the only way this will happen is when the Cancer Project is totally under their control. He says to Rajnath that he has to do this. Rajanath tells him that till now he has fulfilled all his demand and that he will do this one too.
Rajnath tells him that he will have to prove himself capable and reliable in front of Dayal. He says that we could do it in front of the court and media but to convince Dayal is impossible. Shaurya laughs and tells him that the way he has been cheating on Skahsi and hiding it so nicely it wouldn’t be so difficult for him to convince Dayal. Scene then shifts to Durga she comes to the old age home but doesn’t find Bagchi, the employee tells her that two people came and took him away. Durga is shocked. Back to Divya the kidnappers stop to got to the toilet and using that oporutunity Divya escapes from the van. Durga is then shown driving trying to locate Payal. She gets a message from the informer asking her to reach some highway, she reads it and says that she is going in the right direction. Divya is about to reach Durga but the kidnappers catch her on time. Durga gets the feeling that she heard someone scream and gets out of the car. She then gets another message from the informer asking her to stay on that expresses way she is at right now. The kidnappers take Divya away in the car.

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On the other hand Akash and Sakshi are shown going somewhere. They reach the place where the kidnappers have kept Divya. Sakshi has flashback of how Durga tells her that she will testify against them and Shaurya. Sakshi removes her blindfold. Divya is shocked to see her. Informer messages Durga about the place Divya is held captive at.

Diya asks her what she wants as she has done what she wanted to already and killed my father too. Sakshi tells her that she hates two things one beggars and next seeing her cry, she tells her about her father being alive, Divya asks her how as she thought that her father was dead the night he got attacked. Flashback is shown of the night Bagchi was being attacked. Bagchi tells her daughter to run for her life. He gets beaten up brutally by Shaurya and his gang. He slips and falls into a ditch. Divya gets shocked. Back to Sakshi and Divya. Divya wants to meet her father. Sakshi tells her that if she wants to meet her father and live happily with him again then tell her about Durga. Divya denies knowing Durga. Sakshi says she has allergy towards people who say no. She asks her to tell her. Divya tells her she doesn’t know. Sakshi tells her that if she doesn’t answer her questions she will have her father killed. Next Bagchi is shown being bought to the same place. Divya is happy to meet her father. Bagchi has a flashback of how Sakshi told him that he will find his daughter within 48 hours.

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