A Perfect Lie 2nd November 2020 Star life Written update

A Perfect Lie 2 november 2020: A Perfect Lie Monday update 2 November 2020, Shaurya lying to Sakshi that he did not know about Rajnath and Raima’s affair, and Durga is saying nonsense. He says he was waiting for her to know what she did with Raima, and she is scolding me for Durga’s words, Durga is trying to create rift between us.

Sakshi says she did not do anything with Raima, I m happy Dev is out of your life. Shaurya says yes, I also want this and I will teach a lesson to that Durga Thakur, as I m understanding her plan slowly now. He says mum I know what you are going through, you are in pain, I request you to control your anger now, as our home has tension now, keep yourself relaxed. She leaves.

Kangana cries thinking about Raima. She says she was my support system to help me, and God knows what will happen of me and Karan, how can Dev do this, and why. She says just because of that liar Payal and Nitya, he has shot angel Raima for them. Its morning, Rajnath wakes up and sees Sakshi sleeping. He goes. Sakshi opens her eyes and looks at him. She thinks you will get what you are feeling now, you deserve pain. Rajnath comes to see Raima in the hospital. He cries seeing her. He says Raima, I came and caresses her. He asks her to talk to him, as she knows he just loved her. He thinks about him and Raima’s old moments.

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Rajnath told her that he can’t live without her and promised to make her Raima Rajnath Goenka. He says I promised you but I broke that promise as Sakshi blackmailed him for honest Rahmat Khan having an evidence against him. She says Rahmat does not know the power of money and status. Rajnath said he is not scared of her. He asks how much money she wants. Sakshi showed the tape and says it costs a simple name change, Sakshi Rahmat Khan, to Sakshi Rajnath Goenka. Rajnath was shocked. He says are you mad, you think I will marry you. She says Rahmat Khan will be burnt in his office. Rajnath says I can get you killed here at this time. Sakshi says yes, this tape copy will reach in every publication house, the headlines will be out and you will be a beggar.

Sakshi says she fixed the wedding date too and smiles. Rajnath says I m feeling helpless even today as that day. Rajnath tells Raima about Sakshi blackmailing by the video tape and if anyone gets it, I will be ruined. Raima cries. Rajnath says I know she has killed her husband and step son, she will use the evidence against me if I don’t marry her. He says Sakshi came between our relation, we did not leave supporting each other. He asks Raima to befriend Sakshi. He says the day she trusts you, maybe she will tell you about the tape, we will be free from her. Raima says why should I befriend her, I wish to kill her.

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He says we have to take a chance. He says he wants to live his life with her. Raima says I will do this for you and your love. I will befriend Sakshi. Rajnath says I promised you that I will give you all happiness, just get fine. He says lets go and marry, please get fine, open your eyes. He holds her hand and cries. Raima reacts and he calls the doctor. The doctor comes and checks her. Rajnath worries for her. The doctor asks him to go out. Rajnath stands out and looks on. Dayal tells Durga that I left someone at hospital who is monitoring Raima, Sakshi can’t do anything. Durga says I wish Akash was here. Suchitra cries. The lawyer Bhattacharya comes. Durga asks him to bail Dev. He says its tough as the evidence against Dev is strong. Dayal says you are one of the best lawyer of the city. He says Dev’s car had the gun, we will try out best.

Shaurya waits for the press reporters. The servant says press reporters came and I told them there is no one at home. Shaurya scolds him and asks him to get them inside. The press reporters meet Shaurya and thanks for calling them. Shaurya gives his statement and says he called them to clear the matter. He says Raima aunty, Mrs. Raima Maheshwari, whatever happened with her made us in a state of shock. The man asks is Dev behind this, did he shoot her. The lady asks about Dev being arrested. Shaurya says its true, but court will decide. He defends Dev and says is he mad to shoot Raima after a small argument. The man says the police got a gun from his car. The lady asks will Dev get bail or go to jail. The man asis is he hiding anything to save his elder brother.

Shaurya says I trust the law, I request you to wait for the court decision. He asks them not to believe any rumors. Shaurya asks them to leave and signs to a man. Sakshi sees this and smiles thinking Shaurya did a good work for the first time. Shaurya turns and says mum, is this my master stroke. She says yes, I would say you have grown up and mature, good job. Shaurya says thanks mum. Rajnath arranges other doctors. The doctor comes and says Raima slipped in coma. Rajnath is shocked and asks how did this happen. He says I tried my best. Rajnath asks will she come out of coma. He says she was critical, I m very sorry, chances are low. Rajnath says do anything you can, get what you want, I don’t care what it takes, but Raima has to come back. Rajnath sees the news about Raima and Dev’s case. He says Dev will try to prove himself innocent and the case of attempt to murder.

Rajnath telling Sakshi that Raima went in coma and she shows her fake concern. She says I m so shocked and tries earrings. He cries and controls his feelings infront of her. She thinks poor Rajnath Goenka, I know what you are going through. She says her mind got blank and she can’t talk to her, I m sorry. She ends the call. She says she is in good mood and it benefits someone. She buys all the pieces and the jeweller thanks her. She thinks maybe Raima can’t come out of coma ever, I should tell this good news to Durga, as Raima was the last hope ray for her. Durga and Suchitra come to meet Dev in police station, and Mandar asks her to get permission from court.

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She says atleast give him the food. He says its not possible, sorry. Durga says don’t worry, I will come here with all permissions. She takes Suchitra. Mandar smiles and says I have to call Sakshi and inform. He calls Sakshi and tells everything. He says I tried but Dev is not accepting his crime. She says idiot, why will he accept if he did not do the crime. She asks him to use third degree to make him accept. He says I need permission for this. She says will you need it if Dev slaps a policeman. He says I did not understand. She says provoke Dev and you can use third degree without anyone’s permission. He says thanks.

Rajnath comes home. They talk about Raima. She says she should have sent her yesterday from city, and she was going for two week reunion, Dev would have not met her. Durga and Suchitra hear this. Suchitra taunts Rajnath. Rajnath says I m not feeling guilty, Dev has ruined the family’s respect. Durga says everyone will know the truth, once Raima……… Rajnath says Raima won’t tell anything now, as she slipped in coma. They are shocked. Rajnath says what Dev did, he has to get punished. Suchitra says my son is innocent and it will be proved, I know everyone is upset since he came here, as he wants an answer for what happened two years before.

She says when Dev went against his family, I stopped him and he agreed to me, but when he comes home, I will bless him that he will question you and find the answers. She says I will support him in finding the truth. Durga cries. Suchitra leaves angrily. Sakshi smiles. Rajnath gets the bank manager call and says the cancer project funding is stopped, we have cancelled the deal. Rajnath says how can you do this. The man says we got written confirmation from Dayal and Durga. Rajnath asks about his losses and reputation. The man says we came to know the project will start again and the company will be head by Dev Goenka. Rajnath tells this to Sakshi. Sakshi is glad as this will make Rajnath restless and it means a benefit for her, I m sure he will get his anger on Dev.

Karan meets his dad. Vasu. He asks whats going on. Karan thinks its about Kangana and him, while his dad talks about Dev Goenka news and the murder to attempt case. Karan says oh so you are talking about it. Vasu asks what else. Karan says Shaurya’s sister wants to marry me. He asks and you. Karan says I won’t marry. He says I will talk to Rajnath and manage the situation. Rajnath says I have come Vasu. Karan welcomes him. Rajnath says you might have heard about Raima. Vasu says yes, it’s a high profile case now, I was upset knowing this, Dev did a mistake. Rajnath says I request you to put the case on fast track and I want Dev to be in jail for attempt to murder, as Dev wants to open Payal’s rape case again, Karan will also be in risk then.

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Rajnath says elections are near and it won’t be good for you. Vasu thinks. Rajnath says it will be risky to be away from Goenkas. Vasu says you know my nature I believe in deeds and I don’t want to beat punishment for bad deeds in this birth, I will send Dev behind bars, don’t worry, have a drink. Rajnath says just do my work and leaves. Vasu tells Karan not to do anything with Kangana, first tackle Dev. Suchitra talks to the media editor who questions her about Dev as Shaurya have the statement. She says my son is innocent. He asks how will you save him now, as Raima can’t give statement.

Suchitra cries and Durga takes the call. He says shall we write no comments. Durga says sure, print anything, the truth won’t change that Dev is innocent. She strengthens Suchitra and says we trust Dev. Durga gets Bhattacharya’s call who says the bail application is rejected. She asks why. He asks her to see breaking news on tv. Durga and Suchitra see the case being fast track, and Dev’s car having the gun. She asks who did this. He says someone used political pressure, get some proof else it will be difficult to prove Dev innocent. Suchitra asks what will we do now. Durga says she won’t fail so easily.

Sakshi plays the piano and Durga hears her. She says very well played. Sakshi says it’s many years experience and everyone can’t do this. Durga says yes, but its not impossible, may I. Sakshi says go ahead. Durga plays the piano. Sakshi says the keys have habit of my fingers. Durga plays well and Sakshi smiles. Sakshi says not bad at all Durga. Durga says not bad is your music piece, its good to celebrate, your best friend is in coma, and you are celebrating. Sakshi says you are leaving thinking, you are in trauma because what happened with Dev, you love Dev right, its good, I knew there is many things common in between you and Dev, all will be well, don’t worry. Durga says yes, all will be well, one week and within it, Dev will be out of jail and then you will say well played Durga, practice saying it now.

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