A Perfect Lie 1 november 2020: A Perfect Lie Sunday update 1 November 2020, The Episode starts with inspector Mandar blaming Dev. Sakshi starts acting and defends Dev. Shaurya says yes, Dev argued with Raima, it does not mean he will shoot her. Mandar says it means he had reason to shoot her. Dev says no. Sakshi says I argue with my husband every day, it does not mean I shoot him. She says Dev would have not got her here if he wanted to kill her, he can’t do this. Durga thinks its Sakshi’s plan to trap Dev. Rajnath asks Raima what message did Raima sent you. Dev says I got Raima’s message, she told me that if I want to know about Payal’s case, then come to meet her, when I went her home, she was already shot, I don’t know who did this, then I called ambulance, it was coming late, so I got her here, trust me, someone else shot her, I did not do anything, mum do you believe me.

Suchitra says I believe you and I m sure everyone else does too. Sakshi says yes, we trust you. She asks Mandar to find real culprit and proof. Shaurya asks where is the proof, where is the murder weapon, gun. Durga says its not a murder, Raima is alive. Mandar says I have to check Dev Goenka. Suchitra asks Rajnath to call commissioner and complain, why will Dev kill anyone. Rajnath thinks Dev’s words as he wanted to know truth from Agnihotri and Raima. He thinks Dev can do anything to find the truth.

He says police has to do its work. Suchitra asks does he not trust Dev. Rajnath says yes, you know Dev threatened Raima in party and she is fighting with death here. Sakshi thinks Raj loves Raima a lot, his pain is giving me peace. He asks Mandar to find out. Mandar checks Dev. Durga thinks its happened because of me, Dev is being insulted infront of everyone, I m sorry Dev, forgive me, I did not wish this to happen. Mandar asks for car keys. Dev gives the keys and asks him to check.

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He says he has nothing to hide. Durga says you need a search warrant, where is it, show me. Mandar says I m in police, don’t say me rules, we can take him to police station and keep him in lockup till warrant is ready. Sakshi says fine, we will come with you as we don’t trust you. She thinks Mandar is overacting. Durga thinks why does Sakshi want Dev’s car to be checked, whats in there. They all go to the car and Mandar checks it.

Sakshi says I told you won’t get anything. Mandar says one minute, there is something under the seat. He takes out the gun shocking everyone. Sakshi thinks she has put it in Dev’s car. Mandar asks whats this Mr Dev, this gun is saying that you have shot Raima. He counts the bullets and says one less. He asks his staff to send for forensic lab. He asks Dev does he have license. Dev says no, I don’t own it. Mandar says maybe it walked inside your car and laughs.

Rajnath asks whats going on, it’s a serious matter, anyone could have died, Raima is critical. Sakshi thinks Raj has much pain, I m loving this, you cheated Sakshi Goenka, you gave me shock and have to bear 10 times the pain. Mandar says he has to arrest Dev, as he got strong evidence. Durga says you can’t arrest him, he did not do anything. Sakshi says I m sure you are mistaken Mandar. Mandar says he has to arrest Dev. Shaurya says I m shocked, I don’t believe this, he threatened Raima and shot her. Dev says I did not shoot her.

Dayal shouts whats this issue here, why are we discussing this, how can we think this that Dev can do this. He says inspector, stop this drama, we are bearing this, he is making us a fool. Durga says Dev is framed, it was a trap, its all a setup. Sakshi says don’t worry Durga, this tension will end soon. Rajnath says who will frame Dev and why, but Dev was the one who had problem with Raima, Dev said he will get the truth of Raima, I told you Dev to stop it, you did not listen to me. Dev says I did not do anything. Rajnath says can’t we see the proof, the gun came from your car, we are not blind.

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Suchitra says Raj what are you saying about Dev. Dev calms down Suchitra and says I will prove it that I did not shoot Raima. Mandar says its clear that Dev has shot Raima. Sakshi thinks Dev is trapped. Shaurya thinks mum, you are so sharp, you made me proud, you trapped Dev. Suchitra says why would Dev get her to hospital. Mandar says as he is smart. Durga defends Dev. Mandar blames Dev and says its Dev’s plan to get Raima here. Durga thinks this cheap game is by Sakshi. Mandar arrests Dev and takes him. Suchitra stops him saying Dev is innocent. Manday says let me do my work.

Dev talks to Suchitra and asks her to trust him. She says I trust you. He says this is my strength, don’t let your trust break. He says don’ worry, I will be back soon. He looks at Durga. Durga signs she will take care of Suchitra. Dayal says don’t worry, we will get Dev out, he is trapped, I assure you we will bring the truth out. Mandar asks Dev to come now. He handcuffs Dev and smiles. Sakshi starts her acting once again that her best friend is fighting with death and my elder son is blamed.

Durga answers her well saying it’s a lie. Durga and Suchitra cry as Dev is taken in the jeep. Sakshi looks on sighing a relief. She tells Rajnath that she does not think Dev did this, but thanks to do it for wife’s friend, go home now, I will stay here. Rajnath thinks he can’t say he want to be with Raima, as Sakshi will doubt. Durga thinks she has to keep an eye on Sakshi, but what to do, I really wish Akash was here. They look on.

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Police arrests Dev and takes him away. Suchitra and Durga is heartbroken. Suchitra says to Raj that Arnav would never allow happening this. Raj says if Dev is innocent he will be released. Shaurya says to Durga as Dev is outside she can come to him. Dayal gets angry hearing this and tries to slap him. But Raj stops him. Dayal says their partnership in Cancer research project is over and he is ready to face all legal implications regarding this. He also adds that project will proceed only with Dev.

Raj thinks he will get partnership in the project at any cost.

Sakshi comes to Raima’s room and tries to remove Oxygen mask. But Durga comes there and she has to stop. Durga says she knew that Sakshi will be in Raima’s room after all it is her best friend. She then asks her about Raj and Raima’s affair. Sakshi denies. She comes outside and thinks Durga is trying to provoke her and she should not lose her self control. Durga then says if Shaurya never told her about the affair. Sakshi is surprised knowing the fact that Shaurya knew about the affair.

She comes to Shaurya. Shaurya says they should celebrate and says he knows that it is Sakshi who did all this. Sakshi asks if he knew about Raj and Raima’s affair. Shaurya acts of becoming surprised. He says he never had any idea about it and asks who told her about this. Sakshi says Durga did. Shaurya thinks How Durga came to know that he knows about the affair.
Durga contacts a lawyer for bail of Dev. Lawyer says all the evidences are against him so it will be difficult to get bail.


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