A Perfect Lie 12th November 2020 Star life Written update

A Perfect Lie 12 November 2020 Star life Written update: Dev trying to know about Nitya by calling the hospital. He thinks he will reach Nitya soon, as he was away from her for long. Suchitra cries telling Durga that she was wrong and did not trust Nitya and Payal. Durga is glad as Suchitra regards them right now. Suchitra says I wish to apologize to Nitya, how would she feel when she knew that I supported by blood relations, not her. She says when Dev wanted to know it, I stopped him. Durga pacifies her. Suchitra says you are doing so much for Payal, just like Nitya, you are blessing for all of us, I m lucky to get a bahu like you, promise me you won’t leave Dev ever. Durga thinks how to tell her that their marriage is fake, please try to forgive me.

Durga asks can she ask anything. Suchitra says yes, ask by right. Durga says I have given my Goenka industry shares on Dev’s name, I want your sign too. Suchitra says why are you doing this, Arnav wanted to give this. Durga says she just wants her blessings. Suchitra smiles. Durga thinks it belongs to Dev and he should have it, he will lead the company and I m sure Dev will take the empire in right direction. Its morning, Dev gets ready. Rajnath asks where is he going. Dev says he has some important work. Rajnath says have tea with me. Dev thinks what new game now, don’t know his intentions.

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Rajnath says I don’t know you have love and respect for me, but I m still your Chote Papa. Dev sits to have tea. Rajnath says I know you are annoyed with me. Dev says yes, I have a reason. He says you proved the rape wrong, but it did happen, you have accepted it in jail, you said there is no evidence and I won’t get any, but crime can never hide and truth will come out. He says Agnihotri disappeared, you asked me to forget him, I moved on, I thought where did he go, there can be many ways, like his death.

He says if he died, then he has to pay for his crimes. Rajnath says if Arnav was alive…. Dev says he would have be happy to see me walking on his path, why am I telling this to you, have tea, I will leave, and read today’s newspaper, please. Dev leaves. Rajnath looks n and sees the newspaper. He reads the news that Dev will be leading the company now. He stops Dev and asks I will not let the Goenka Empire split. Dev says yes, it won’t split, I gave a good statement and they have not printed it. Rajnath asks what. Dev says I m sure it will come tomorrow. Rajnath asks again. Dev says that I will claim all my stakes in the empire, and I have the majority, it means I will lead the Goenka Empire now. Rajnath is shocked.

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Dev says I will take all the decisions, I will head the family. He says I will bring the change now. Rajnath says no, this won’t happen. Dev says it will happen, you will be happy to know Durga and mum has given their shares to my name, and you know I have more than 50% share equity and I became majority share holder, and even leading the cancer research project, you will be proud of me. He says Bhattacharya who fought my case, will be our legal advisor, and I will update rest matters in board meeting, please come, I will take your blessings too. Dev leaves.

Rajnath gets angry and says I should have killed you Dev, Shaurya was right, I can’t let you take my empire. He rages in anger. Sanjukta tells Shaurya that his progress is good, and he can get on his feet next week. Shaurya says you have fallen in love with me, don’t feel awkward, I know it. She says we met by a motive and we should focus on it. He says yes, I have to get free of this wheelchair, walk and run, be ready. She says you are impossible and makes him do the exercises.

Dayal tells Durga that Sakshi has guarded Shaurya’s improvement, we could not know anything. She says yes, she is very clever, Akash should have been here, he would have found out everything. He says we will find some way, where there is a will, there is a way. She says she has a way, Shaurya can’t handle thing on his ego, maybe I can use this. Sanjukta asks Shaurya to take rest as he will have a massage after one hour. He gets glad. Durga calls him. Shaurya asks is she missing him. She says I called you to say Dev has come back to me, you lost Shaurya.

Shaurya says you are lying. He gets angry and acts like being hurt. She says it worked, I told you he can’t handle this, I think he fell. Dayal asks her plan about Kangana. She says not Kangana, I m thinking about Karan. He sees his pic on the revenge board. Dayal smiles. Shaurya says Durga thinks I m fool, I know she wants to know my progress and playing game with me, after I get up from wheelchair, I m going to ruin her. He does exercises again. Sanjukta comes and stops him. He thinks about Durga’s words. She is shocked as Shaurya falls while doing exercises. She asks him to get up and opens his eyes.

Durga calling someone and telling her plan, asking to think again before confronting Sakshi. She says have a safe fight, I will come to pick you. Dayal says a wounded tigress is dangerous. Durga says yes, I know, but her focus is on someone else, Dev came home and she is tackling someone else, we have to use this and do major attack on her to make her fall on her knees, I know what to do, Karan and his dad, when powerful connections leaves Goenkas, they will fall, and someone to tackle them is coming Kolkata now, we are ready.

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Sakshi comes to meet Sanjukta and gets angry. She asks about Shaurya and his state. Sanjukta says he is fine now. Sakshi says why did you not tell me about this accident, you felt you will handle everything and I won’t know. Sanjukta says I tried calling you many times, and you were unavailable. Sakshi asks how did this happen. Sanjukta says I stopped him, and he over exercised, he is difficult to handle. Sakshi says he is my son and never easy, where is he, I have to meet him. Sanjukta says fine, come.

Sakshi meets Shaurya and is relieved seeing him fine. Shaurya taunts her. She says she had some work and came now. He asks what work, is there any new name in your list apart from Durga and Dev, your list never ends, and then your useless son is not in your priority list. She asks why is he so depressed, I know if you are not worried, you would have not said this. She says learn to use free time well, and get focused to get better, you are my son, you can’t get weak, don’t get sentimental and stand on your feet. She tells Sanjukta to do all tests, and check if he has any internal injuries, he is not weak to faint. She says she did it, and will update her.

Sakshi says make sure its all fine. She says yes, he will be fine very soon. Sakshi leaves. She thinks she got distracted to know about Akram, Shaurya is right, I will find Akram, his time is up now. She thinks why is Akram calling her now. Rajnath calls her and says you are worried for your son Shaurya, what about the other son. She says you are not my son. He confronts her about Rahmat’s death. She asks what does she want. He says he did not come to ask anything, now he has grown up and came to gift her. She asks what. He says a special one. Rajnath looks at her being in his car. She thinks why is Akram back and doing this, what can be that gift.

Rajnath sends the MMS. She gets the video of Shaurya raping Payal and is shocked. She says how did he get this video, if anyone see this, I can’t save Shaurya, and he will be going jail, this just can’t be. She says what she did with Rahmat and Akram, he came to take revenge for it, I have to stop Akram.
She leaves. Rajnath laughs and says drive safely, I know you are tensed. I will trouble you till you give me that tape, I know Shaurya is your weakness and I will use it. You have lost Sakshi.

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Dev gets the accident case file of Nitya in the hospital. He thinks Nitya, it took me two years to reach here, I hope you will forgive me. He is shocked seeing her death certificate. He thinks Durga and Dayal have lied to her. He thinks how does Durga knows about Nitya. He thinks she has come back to me, and prove this DC wrong. He sees Fir and gets the car number. He takes the pic of it. He says he will find what happened with Nitya that night and cries.

Dev comes home and sees the flowers at home. Suchitra asks him to come and have dinner. He asks flowers for whom. She says for you, many people have sent for you. Rajnath says congrats Dev, you got famous in so less time, interesting. Dev thanks him and says yes, its great. He reads the cards. He says no one cared about me till now, and this personal messages now, not bad. Suchitra says yes, people follow the man who is rich and powerful, I m proud of you. Sakshi says yes, so be careful and don’t let this get on your head. Dev says I totally agree, power makes strangers look like us, and then when power goes, they get as strangers, I don’t want power to come in my mind, as I have cleaned dust to get clear sight, I don’t want it gets unclear again. Suchitra says lets have dinner.

Dev says no, you have, I will have it with Durga, when she is back from Dayal’s home. He leaves. Durga checks Karan’s social status to know where does he go and all details. She gets a call from Dayal. He asks where is she. She says flight landed, I will come soon with her, and I have found out about Karan’s plan. A girl comes and says you did my half work. Its Divya. They smile seeing each other. Durga says she has come, I will talk later Baba. She ends the call and walks thinking about Divya and Babjee, who were only people to support Nitya and Payal, and how she and Akash have saved them from Sakshi. Durga says welcome back Divya and hugs her. She says Karan is ready to get targeted by you. They smile.


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