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Monday, August 15, 2022
August Teasers

A Magical Love Story Teasers August 2021

A Magical Love Story August Teasers 2021
A Magical Love Story August Teasers 2021

A Magical Love Story August Teasers 2021:  Aman tries to change the outcome of the accidents as he relives the day of Roshni’s death. Will he be able to save her from the upcoming danger in time?

A Magical Love Story August Teasers 2021
A Magical Love Story August Teasers 2021

Starlife A Magical Love Story August Teasers 2021

Sunday, 1 August 2021
Episode 59

Aman traps Roshni under the magical bars and Praveen attacks Tabeezi. Praveen later shoots an archer at Kabir while he fights Aman.

Episode 60

Praveen pours thousands of arrows upon Aman. Roshni, however, rushes in to save Aman’s life. What are Praveen’s intentions?

Monday 2 August 2021

Episode 61

Chotu is granted magical abilities, but the family soon discovers there is dark magic still in the house. Roshini makes a heartfelt promise to Aman after a tender moment.

Episode 62

Aman creates havoc, and tries to kill his relatives with the magical sword. Roshni later kills Aman to fulfill her promise.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Episode 63

Aman races against the clock in an attempt to save Roshni from imminent danger. Praveen however does the unthinkable.

Episode 64

Roshni, Aman, and Roshni enjoy quality time together. Roshni impresses Khans by her culinary skills, but Praveen comes up with a magic formula.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Episode 65

Roshni becomes dementia-prone because Praveen’s magic causes it. Roshni’s bizarre behavior is causing concern among the Khans. However, she suddenly blacks out.

Episode 66

Roshni now faces a new challenge when she discovers Praveen’s true motives. Aman plans to surprise Roshni by creating a romantic surprise while Praveen creates an evil plan.

Thursday, 5th August 2021

Episode 67

Roshni, Aman, and Roshni have a wonderful time in the snow. Praveen is poisoned by a fruit, while the Khans get ready for Aman and Roshni to tie the knot.

Episode 68

Chotu interrupts Aman, Roshni and spends some quality time with them. Aman and Roshni then shake hands after the function.

Friday, 6th August 2021

Episode 69

Tabeezi reveals shocking information to Roshini. Tabeezi falls unconscious, while Roshini is unconscious.

Episode 70

Aman is shocked that Roshni has blamed Praveen for the strange events. Praveen’s truth emerges after Tabeezi puts Tabeezi through a test.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Episode 71

Praveen is on the hunt for the magical ring. Roshni, Aman, and Roshni discover a shocking truth from Tabeezi. Aliya then makes a shocking confession before the Khans.

Episode 72

Roshni suspects Aliya, but Aman makes a shocking choice after reviewing the DNA reports. Aman attempts to console Roshni later.

Sunday, 8 August 2021

Episode 73

Baazigar attacks Aliya and Roshni secretly goes to Tabeezi. Roshni then makes a wish and spends some quality time alone with Aman.

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Episode 74

Aliya is thrilled to see Roshni be jealous of Aman’s bond. Parveen later attempts to kidnap a baby from Khan mansion.

Monday 9 August 2021

Episode 75

Roshni spots an unusual photograph in the library, and Aman tries his best to placate her. Parveen makes a devious plan. Aman suddenly becomes unconscious.

Episode 76

Roshni collapses when Aliya informs Roshni Aman spent the night in Roshni’s bed. Roshni is shocked to learn that Aliya has some dark magic at play. Aliya then creates a massive scene.

Tuesday, 10th August 2021

Episode 77

Roshni attempts expose Aliya, after Aliya’s plans go sour. Roshni makes an emotional declaration to Aman, but Tabeezi discovers Kabir’s true feelings.

Episode 78

Aman feels able to touch Roshni and realizes that he can suddenly touch her. Roshni is later shocked to learn that Aliya had revealed her shocking truth.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021

Episode 79

Roshni is shocked to see a strange scene in a locked room, while Aman is in a hard spot. Parveen’s cunning trick puts the whole family in an utter state of despair.

Episode 80

Parveen’s selfish mission threatens the baby’s health, but Aliya is astonished by Aman’s magical abilities. Can Aman’s heroic act save the baby before it is too late

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Episode 81

Aliya is relieved that Aman saved her baby from the mysterious cave. Later, she confronts Roshni and Rubina agrees, but with one condition, to keep Parveen secret.

Episode 82

Roshni cannot convince Aman and goes to Tabeezi asking for advice about Aliya. Roshni later embarks on a mission in which she aims to remove one strand of hair off the baby’s head.

Friday, 13th August 2021

Episode 83

Roshni attempts expose Aliya’s sins during a function at Khan mansion. Roshni, Aman, and Roshni uncover a disturbing truth about Aamir.

Episode 84

Aman makes a shocking announcement just before Aliya goes. Chotu later observes a strange statue while Parveen was in a tight spot.

Saturday 14th August 2021

Episode 85

Aman learns of Parveen’s plight, and Aliya gets into trouble. Aman later rescues Roshni, Chotu and saves them from serious danger.

Episode 86

Roshni and Aman have a sweet moment together while Aliya executes her evil scheme. Roshni tricks Aliya, while Aman is later taken by Kaal Jinn.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Episode 87

Roshni pushes Aliya to the limit during a battle, which has devastating consequences. Aman promises Parveen later and prepares to confront Kaala Jinn by himself.

Episode 88

Aliya uses her trump card, while the Khans are shocked by Parveen’s sudden passing. Later, Aman vents frustration on Roshni.

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Monday 16 August 2021

Episode 89

Roshni is targeted by Aman. Roshni and Aman make a decision to part ways, even though they are in a difficult spot.

Episode 90

Roshni is struggling with her memories of Aman. Roshni is affected by Aman’s fight at a bar one year later.

Tuesday, 17th August 2021

Episode 91

Roshni is given a surprising piece of news, while Aman gets a shocking piece from the hospital. Roshni and Aman later have an awkward encounter.

Episode 92

A man furious at Roshni vows to exact revenge. Roshni gets the shock of her lifetime when she learns a shocking truth about Parveen from the Khans.

Wednesday, 18th August 2021

Episode 93

A heated argument leads Aman and Roshni to engage in fierce fighting. Aman seizes on a helpless Roshni to improve Salma’s health.

Episode 94

Meet Mallika. Aman’s lovely business partner. Roshni is given the responsibility of taking care of Mallika, but Tabeezi notices a black cat with an evil spirit.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Episode 95

Aman beats Yuvraj, after he tries to mole Roshni. Chottu tries to free himself, but Roshni is able to enjoy a surprise romantic moment with Aman.

Episode 96

Roshni saves his life. Aman then punishes Roshni for a misunderstanding. Aman sends Roshni by herself to face a dangerous situation, even though Kabir is returning for revenge.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Episode 97

Aman, unaware of Kabir’s attacker, is attacked while trying to save Roshni. Chhotu frees Locha Pari (an angel) from her jail cell.

Episode 98

Aman is hurt by Roshni’s words that she had moved on after an argument. Roshni takes a chance on her life and Aman shatters his office with rage.

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Episode 99

The Khans are surprised by the news while Tabeezi is tortured by an evil entity. Roshni is stunned when Kabir wrecks havoc at her hospital.

Episode 100

Tabeezi makes a magic essence to stop the Zehrals. Aman rushes for Roshni’s help. Parveen’s safety is at risk as Kabir tries desperately to comfort her.

Sunday, 22 August 2021

Episode 101

Kabir informs the family that one has become a Zehral. Roshni sets out to fulfill Kabir’s request to save his family.

Episode 102

Roshni goes on a mission to obtain a magical key. Salma tortures them after turning into Zehral. Roshni, unaware of the danger, takes a risky decision later.

Monday 23 August 2021

Episode 103

Kabir, furious, sends the Khan house under the earth with the assistance of Lal Chand. Roshni, Aman, and Roshni later decide to dismantle the Lal Chand.

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Episode 104

Roshni, Aman and Roshni use the power of their abilities to save the Khans. Parveen regains consciousness, but Chottu gets into trouble.

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Episode 105

Parveen becomes unconscious as Aman tries save Chottu. Aman Roshni, Imran and Aman are later deep in the woods to complete a dangerous mission.

Episode 106

Roshni, Aman and Roshni are faced with a challenge. The caretaker asks a few questions. They race against time to save Chottu.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Episode 107

Kabir teams up with Shehzadi in a plot against Roshni. Roshni proposes a bizarre condition for Aman to Aman while the Khans celebrate their anniversary.

Episode 108

Aman and Roshni are celebrating their wedding anniversary by the Khans. Later, Shehzadi arrives to the Khan Mansion and punishes the Khan Mansion duo for breaking Laal Chand.

Thursday 26th August 2021

Episode 109

Aman suspects Shehzadi after the Khans are in grave danger. Later, he devises a brilliant plan to protect his family.

Episode 110

The family becomes confused when they become involved in a struggle between identical twins. Later, Kabir hypnotizes Tabeezi in order to accuse Tabeezi.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Episode 111

Roshni is tricked into bringing a bit of the moon by Shehzadi, while Tabeezi tries and attacks Farah. Aman learns a shocking truth from Shehzadi when she goes missing.

Episode 112

Roshni hears Aman’s frantic cries and stops her from touching it. Later, they discover shocking results upon their return to home.

Saturday 28 August 2021

Episode 113

Laila creates a clever trap to kill Aman & Kabir, while Roshni rescues Chandni. Parveen is saved from danger by Aman later.

Episode 114

After seeing his incredible power, Aman suspects Kabir is lying to her. Roshni later attacks Laila using her spear, when faced with a difficult decision.

Sunday, 29. August 2021

Episode 115

Roshni falls under a collapsed roof and Aman tries his best to save her. Everybody witnesses the unimaginable during a party at Khan Mansion.

Episode 116

Roshni won’t regain consciousness and so the Khans are scared. Farhah, Chhotu, and Imran attempt to find the magical cave. Aman however, discovers a way for Roshni to be saved.

Monday 30 August 2021

Episode 117

Aman’s sudden move takes the Khans by surprise. Aman, Roshni and Chhotu are unable to save the Khans as Chhotu is put in peril.

Episode 118

Aman tries change the results of the accidents while he relives Roshni’s death. Will he manage to save her from the imminent danger in time?

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Episode 119

Teaser unavailable.

Episode 120

Teaser unavailable.


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