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A Magical Love Story September Teasers 2021

A Magical Love Story September Teasers 2021: Aman gets a doctor home to check up on Roshni’s health. Elsewhere, Natasha meets Rehan at his office while he decides to find out more about Shayari.

A Magical Love Story August Teasers 2021

A Magical Love Story August Teasers 2021

Starlife A Magical Love Story September Teasers 2021

Wednesday 1 September 2021
Episode 121

Twenty years ago Junaid Khan was a hopeless man who took a radical step after joining forces with the Jinn. Parveen & Tabeezi felt disillusioned with his way in life later.

Episode 122

Junaid Khan plans sacrifice Aman’s soul after tossing Tabeezi & Farah out the house. Junaid fights for life once his sins are exposed.

Thursday, September 2, 2020

Episode 123

Roshni with Aman enjoys a moment of beauty while Roshni watches the sunrise from a hot air balloon. Roshni is later saved by the Khans.

Episode 124

Aman’s tragic passing is mourned by the Khans, while Roshni becomes conscious. Later, she sets off on a mission for Aman’s love.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Episode 125

Roshni finally meets Aman’s long lost brother Rehan Khan. He agrees to help her. Roshni’s attempts to block Nasreen are blocked by the Jinn who approaches Khan’s home.

Episode 126

The Jinn enters Khan house and seizes Aman’s spirit. Roshini accepts the ultimate sacrifice later. Will the Jinn accept her appeal?

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Episode 127

Rehan is confused when Roshni tells Aman and his family the truth. Later, he tells Khans all about his family and past.

Episode 128

Aman was surprised when the Khans decorated his room beautifully. Roshni, Aman, and Roshni have a lovely moment together at night as Rehan heads to the club.

Sunday, 5th September 2021

Episode 129

The Khans have no idea that a flying Saucer is spying upon their home. Shayari, on the other hand, heads to Rehan’s office for an interview.

Episode 130

Roshni refrains from consuming Aman’s tablets, while Rehan is infuriated by Shayari’s blunders. Tabeezi is uninvited.

Monday 6 September 2021

Episode 131

Roshni makes Rehan an extraordinary request, but Shayari is in for sweet surprises. Roshni is furious when Aman tells the truth.

Episode 132

Roshni is frightened by Aman’s attempts to console him. Rehan is worried that Farhan might be missing, but Khans face another threat.

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Episode 133

Roshni rushes Aman to tell him about her pregnancy. Rehan, Aman and a magic fume sent by Jinn Shikari trap them in, while Shayari visits Khans.

Episode 134

Aman takes Roshni home to see a doctor. Rehan visits Natasha in his office and decides to discover more about Shayari.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 135

Natasha tries and seduces Rehan. He insists that Shayari, a Jinn Shikari, is his wife. Aman suspects Roshni might be pregnant later.

Episode 136

Tabeezi’s mysterious ritual allows Roshni to discover shocking details about Roshni’s pregnancy. Tabeezi is sent on a mission by Rehan, who is stunned by Shayari’s unusual act.

Thursday, 9th September 2021

Episode 137

Natashahypnotizes Shayari while he enters Rehan’s house. The Khans find out some shocking news about Tabeezi.

Episode 138

Aman is overwhelmed when Roshni tells him about Roshni. Shayari, on the other hand, is scared when Rehan decides a novel way to punish her.

Friday, 10th September 2021

Episode 139

Roshni, not being aware of the Jinns presence, receives a pleasant surprise at the Khans. Natasha, a clever and sneaky woman, enters Rehan’s bedroom.

Episode 140

Rehan proposes Natasha with the hopes of Farhan returning home. Shayari, however, is in serious danger.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Episode 141

Tabeezi offers Roshni help to save her child. Shayari then vents her anger on Rehan. Later, Natasha and Rehan begin their engagement ceremony at Khan mansion.

Episode 142

Tabeezi takes Zidra home to Roshni. Roshni battles to keep her secrets from Aman, while Shayari cleverly tricks Rehan.

Sunday, 12th September 2021

Episode 143

Natasha accidentally finds herself trapped in a magical potion. Roshni becomes nervous at Aman’s plan to reveal her pregnancy at the press conference.

Episode 144

Rehan & Shayari’s wedding ceremony is made possible by Natasha’s sudden disappearance. During the celebrations the Jinn arrives in the Khan Mansion.

Monday 13 September 2021

Episode 145

Jinn enters Zidra’s abode after Tabeezi removes her golden circle. Roshni saves Aman later when Kala Jinn attacks.

Episode 146

Roshni helps Aman trap the Jinn in an electric lamp. Aman then plays a clever trick after suddenly sensing dark forces around them.

Tuesday 14th September 2021

Episode 147

Roshni & Aman try to trap the Jinn into the Chal Kua in the middle the woods and seal their entrance. Aman eventually discovers that the well has been mysteriously unlocked.

Episode 148

Rehan sets out on a mission unaware that Shayari is hiding in the car. Aman is distraught when Roshni confronts Aman about the truth.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Episode 149

Roshni makes a decision to go back home to her house and takes the Khans by surprise. Rehan’s safety is at stake as he battles some vicious goons.

Episode 150

Roshni is taken ill by the Khans after she gets trapped in a flame circle. Rehan, however, throws Shayari out the Khan mansion.

Thursday, 16th September 2021
Episode 151

Tabeezi offers a solution for Roshni and her unborn children, racing against time. Aman and the Jinn are closing in. Can Aman defeat them?

Episode 152

Roshni invents a clever scheme to fool Jinn, and save her child. Roshni and Aman can escape with the help of the Khans, but will they be distracted by something grand?

Friday, September 17, 2021

Episode 153

Roshni is able to deliver her child while the Jinn can enter the Khan mansion. Roshni must keep her promise to the Jinn later.

Episode 154

Aman hallucinating Roshni is what the Khans believe. While he attempts to convince them about his strange experiences with Roshni, a magical moment occurs by the pool.

Saturday, September 18th 2021

Episode 155

Aman learns of Kala Jinn’s ploy. Tabeezi warns him of Pital Darwaza’s danger, and Aman sets out on his rescue mission for Roshni.

Episode 156

Aman pleads with Kala Jinn not the unleash his terror upon the family. The Jinn later presents him with a number of unimaginable challenges.

Sunday, 19th September 2021

Episode 157

Tabeezi requests Aman to watch over the magical lamp, while Roshni is witness to a strange phenomenon. Later, Chunmun Dai’s unexpected entry shocks everyone.

Episode 158

Roshni is suspicious of Chunmun’s motives, and Aman comes up with a creative plan to unravel the truth. Sarah is then manipulated by Chunmun.

Monday 20 September 2021

Episode 159

Roshni & Aman do everything they can to save Salma and her from Chunmun’s evil clutches. Tabeezi offers them an answer, but Shayari tells them the shocking truth.

Episode 160

Aman Roshni, Roshni and Chunmun discover Chunmun’s secret and come up with a plan. They are trapped by Chunmun, and all attempts fail. Is there an escape route?

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Episode 161

Rehan Shayari offers a solution as the Khans attempt to combat the Makadee Jinn. Roshni and Aman look for Arman in desperate times after Arman vanishes.

Episode 162

Roshni & Aman try their best to save Arman while Natasha hatches a new vicious plan. Roshni has to endure a horrific experience later.

Wednesday 22 September 2021

Episode 163

The Khans cause complete chaos at home after they are tricked to believe that they are spying for the Jinn. Roshni, seeing Arman in danger, is Roshni able to bring everyone back?

Episode 164

Roshni will be challenged by Aman in a fight to prove their strength. Tabeezi makes Roshni get ready for the face-off against Aman. What will happen next?

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Episode 165

Roshni influences Aman during their fierce fighting. The Jinn shows up at Khan Mansion and gives a task. Roshni tries to win everyone’s confidence.

Episode 166

Roshni is left helpless after the baby Jinn attempts harm Arman. Tabeezi provides a solution for Arman to escape the clutches and evil later.

Friday, 24 septembre 2021

Episode 167

Roshni and Aman learn something shocking about the baby Jinn. Salma, however, acts childlike. The Khans witness a bizarre illusion and learn that Arman is in serious danger.

Episode 168

Roshni is determined to save Arman, while Aman and Roshni do not want anything but to help. Tabeezi uncovers the shocking truth about Kala Jin’s motives later.

Saturday 25 September 2021

Episode 169

Roshni doesn’t seem to be bothered by Aman’s confronting Kala Jin after Roshni utters Kala Jinn’s Name. Aman, Roshni and Kala Jinn set out to defeat Kala Jinn.

Episode 170

Aman, Roshni and Shayari work together to defeat the Jinn using their extraordinary abilities. Arman however does the amazing, and leaves the Khans stunned!

Sunday 26th September 2021

Episode 171

Roshni & Aman remember some of their most romantic moments while Roshni & the Jalpari Jinn enchant Rehan. Later, the Jinn is attentive to Aman.

Episode 172

Jalpari Jinn uses her evil spell to hypnotise Roshni, Aman, and Roshni. Arman and Roshni then fall prey to her vicious spell.

Monday 27 September 2021

Episode 173

Before returning to Jahannam with Arman, the Jalpari Jinn grabs Arman from Aman or Roshni. Aman and Roshni later host a feast for the Jinn. Will they succeed??

Episode 174

Aman and Roshni, aided only by their families, manage to get Jalpari Jinn food. Jalpari Jinn comes up with a clever plan to stop them, and decides that Arman is the best option.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Episode 175

Aman spends some time with Jumru and Arman tries to injure Arman. Khan mansion is later attacked by some deadly monsters.

Episode 176

Roshni & Aman are concerned for Arman’s safety when the terrifying monsters become thick black smoke. Jumru then does the impossible!

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Episode 177

Roshni is afraid to express her fear to Aman. They then prepare to perform a ritual in order to help Arman. Jumru has set a trap for them. Will Arman survive?

Episode 178

Roshni suspects Jumru when he creates a diabolic plan. Later, Jumru launches another deadly attack against Roshni.

Thursday, 30 septembre 2021

Episode 179

Roshni & Aman try hard to stop Jumru’s attempt to take Arman with his. Jumru takes Arman to achieve his goal of becoming Kaala Jinn.

Episode 180

Roshni & Aman protect Arman from a deadly monster who threatens to kill his family. Later they share a romantic moment beneath the moonlight.

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A magical love story 31 August 2021

The Episode starts with Roshni saying Baazigar, I have to touch the moon, our family is in danger, its about their lives, don’t dare to stop me. She thinks the moon is getting black. She goes to touch the moon. Aman jumps over the buildings tops and jungle trees to reach Roshni. Roshni goes close to the moon. Aman comes in front of her. She gets shocked seeing him. The moon turns black. Aman sees the black moon. He takes Roshni away from the moon. He turns Roshni away and makes her sit down. The black moon bursts the tower. The debris falls down. Aman protects Roshni from getting hurt.

The moon turns normal white again. Laila and Kabir look on from far. She says someone didn’t let it happen. Roshni says you here. She says yes, don’t know why, I felt dizzy. He says we have to leave. She asks what’s happening. He says I will tell you everything on the way. Chandni wasn’t bad, Laila was bad. She asks who did this.She sees his injury and says you have hurt yourself. He says I had no other way, come. She says no, I won’t go until your wound gets fine. He says we don’t have time. She holds his hand. Faaslon me….plays…. He holds her hand. His wound heals. He takes Roshni with him. Dadi cries for Saima and Phupi. Imran says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Salma asks Dadi not to worry. Imran says we will put them in fridge, they will not melt. Dadi says don’t know where did Aman go in a hurry.

Laila sees the moon. She says its tough to pass thousand years and impossible to bear such long punishment, I have gone through it just for this moment, Aman and Roshni snatched this moment from me, they ruined everything, when a girl is pregnant, bad spirits know it first, I went to punish them but understand that she is pregnant, I acted to be good, so that they trust me, I wanted Roshni to come here and sacrifice her children to become red moon queen. Kabir says Aman would have not refused to give his life. She says we can’t let them go. Aman smiles and sees Roshni.He asks why didn’t you tell me such a big thing. She thinks does he know that I gave a kidney to mum. He says it means, you didn’t want to tell me. She says no.

He says you think I won’t care for this. She says we are separated now and fight always. He says we are married, you could have told me later. She asks why, you didn’t tell me before becoming a playboy. He says I didn’t hide anything. She says my life, my body, I can do anything, I didn’t want to tell you. Imran calls Aman. Aman stops the car and answers. Imran says Saima and Phupi’s ice is melting, come fast. Aman says we are coming. Roshni asks is everything fine. He says I don’t want to talk about this.

Imran says Aman and Roshni are coming back. Tabeezi says tension isn’t good for Parveen. She asks Parveen to tell them if she needs anything. The door bell rings. Dadi says I think Aman and Roshni got the antidote for Saima and Phupi. Tabeezi asks Imran to check first. Imran sees Aman and opens the door. He says its Aman and Roshni. Everyone smiles seeing Aman. Dadi asks are you fine, Rubina told us Laila’s truth, where is Roshni. Salma asks where is Roshni. Tabeezi sees the stone shining. Everyone sees their stones shining. Laila comes. Kabir comes to his real avatar. They get shocked and step back. Kabir says my heart has got me back here. Tabeezi shouts run. Kabir and Laila smile. Choti says Sara sent me here to keep me away from danger, everyone is close to danger, I m much worried. The boys come and see him. Chotu asks Pari to wake up. The boys laugh at him and scare.

Chotu falls down. The lamp also falls.Pari wakes up. Locha Pari comes out and says they are attacking Chotu again. She throws Roshni’s clips and teaching them a lesson. Chotu laughs. The boys run away. Locha says I have saved you. He says Roshni’s clips saved you, keep it safe, we have to return it to Aman. She says I won’t. He says you have to. Aman and Roshni come home. They get shocked seeing everyone turned into ice statues. Aman says Laila has turned them into ice. Roshni says we have to get Chandni back. He says we have no time. She says your Ammi isn’t here. He says we have to find her fast. He shouts Ammi… and runs to find her. Parveen hides.

She thinks is this Aman or Kabir in his disguise. She gets shocked seeing Kabir behind. She shouts Aman. Aman opens the door. Kabir shuts her mouth.Laila saying its not good to be so restless for dear ones, we have Parveen with us, come after my guards, you will get her. She disappears. Aman comes and says Ammi isn’t there. She says I know where is she. She shows the guards. He asks where are you coming. She says I m coming with you. He asks in this state. She asks what state. He asks didn’t doctor ask you to rest. She says yes, just for a month, its not a big deal. He asks her to stay at home. She says fine. He thinks how did she agree so soon.

He asks how did you agree so soon. She says its also a problem for you. He says no, stay at home. He thinks she is really going to stay at home. He runs. He reaches some ice mountains and shouts for Parveen. He sees her and wakes her up. He asks her to come. She says my legs aren’t moving. She asks him to just leave. He asks why are you saying this. Kabir catches him. Roshni goes and calls out Chandni.She hears Chandni’s voice. She runs and says I will get you out. She uses her powers and gets Chandni out of the land. She fails and shouts. Parveen tries to get free. She cries for Aman caught by Kabir’s magic. Aman sees Kabir. Roshni tries once again and gets Chandni out. Chandni asks are you fine. Roshni says Laila freezed the family, please save them. Chandni says I can’t save them, you have to defeat Laila, where is Aman.

Roshni says Laila and Kabir kidnapped Ammi, so Aman went to save her. She says it means Kabir and Aman are together, Laila did this together, she wants to kill them together. Aman scolds Kabir. He sees Kabir stuck in the ice. Aman also gets stuck by the ice layer around his feet. Laila smiles seeing them.She says life has separated you both, now death will get you closer, you will die together, why are you worried Kabir, you have always thought of me as your partner, I used you, I thought to kill Roshni’s twins, if not them, then you both, you are also twins. Aman says Roshni’s twins.Kabir says be it Majnu or Kabir, Laila takes his life. Laila takes her powers from the moon. She throws her weapon to attack them. Roshni and Chandni come in between and catch the weapon to save them. Aman and Kabir open eyes and see them.

Roshni asks Aman what’s the point to be made of fire if you can’t melt the fire. Roshni and Chandni free Aman and Kabir from ice trap. They see Laila gone. Roshni says Laila has run away. Chandni says no, she will come back to strike. Aman says you are still here to strike. Kabir says you have doubted on me, it hurts here, she also tried to kill me, I don’t like to die. Aman and Roshni say you may have planned this. Kabir says she told that she had to sacrifice twins to become queen of red moon. Chandni says he is right, she wanted to kill you both. Roshni asks why didn’t she try to kill me. Aman asks don’t you understand. Roshni asks what. He says its about us.A storm occurs. Chandni tries to control. Aman holds Roshni. Kabir says Ammi’s life is in danger, Aman…. Aman asks where is she, Roshni take care, I will come. They go to see Parveen. They see Parveen under some big ice ball. She shouts Aman…. Kabir stops and looks on. Aman tries to move the ice ball. He calls Baazigar. Baazigar isn’t able to reach him. Aman turns into Jinn and pushes away the ball. Kabir looks on. Parveen gets up. Aman asks are you fine. Aman says yes. He calls out Kabir, seeing the huge ice ball going towards Kabir.

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