A Lockdown Love Starlife: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

A Lockdown Love Starlife: is an Indian television drama series that will be airing from 13 February 2022 on Starlife Africa. Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, it starred Sana Sayyad and Mohit Malik. It was replaced by Illusion

A Lockdown Love Starlife

A Lockdown Love Starlife

A Lockdown Love Starlife Full Story/Plot Summary:

The story is set within Prayagraj The series follows the tale between Dhruv Sonam and Dhruv Sonam who have to live together with their families because of their families being locked out of the covidioid-19 lockdown.

Sonam’s mom Nutan along with his grandmother Sheetal are against their relationship because of Sonam’s contemporary ways and her father Pratap believes that the Dhruv family is antiquated in their thought processes. The biggest people who support the marriage are Sonam’s mom Subhadra as well as Dhruv’s dad Shashikant. In spite of Nutan, Sheetal, and Pratap their numerous plots their wedding ceremony of Dhruv and Sonam was not cancelled. Nutan, Sheetal, Pratap and Tanu conspired to stop the wedding. The goal is to convince Dhruv to get married by his former friend Shweta (Milky) who has always been in love with Dhruv. Milky got Sonam to visit her mother’s house for bridal makeup while impersonating Sonam to play the part of the bride. Sonam does this and Milky’s mom manages to induce her into sleep. Sonam awakes too late and is witness to Dhruv getting married to Milky. Sonam is trying to justify why she didn’t attend the wedding however Milky and Nutan lay the blame squarely on Sonam. The argument continues until a level where Nutan burns herself deliberately. Dhruv In an outrage is able to throw Sonam along with her whole family members out of the home.

Dhruv is not a fan of Milky for his wife regardless of his mother’s pleas. Sonam discovers the truth about what transpired on the day of wedding and decides to reveal Milky to Dhruv for cheating. In the following days, Sonam learns she is positive for COVID-19 and police ask the Jaiswals to allow her to remain at their home, just since she had been staying there previously.

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In a bid to bring Sonam to Mumbai Dhruv sends kidnappers after Sonam. But, the kidnappers accidentally decide to grab Milky in lieu of Sonam. Hulchal and Babloo help to rescue Milky from kidnappers. However, they phone Milky’s mother to insist that she confess about what happened on her wedding day to Jaiswals to exchange Milky. The plan is almost successful, but Dhruv makes it a mess by locating Milky and returning her before the mother of Milky’s reveal the truth. Dhruv admits that Sonam did not have COVID-19, and it was an attempt to lure Sonam into the home. Then, when Dhruv is planning to take Sonam out of the home, Shasikant is against his decision and proposes an online vote to determine if Sonam to remain within the home, or go elsewhere. Sonam is the winner of the poll and is allowed to stay at home. Then Nutan decides to change the future of Dhruv through a coin toss, and Dhruv is unable to stop the toss. Then, he realizes there is a head and tails to ensure that his mother will be the winner and reveal the truth to the world.

Dhruv listens to Sonam’s version of the story, and challenges Sonam to provide evidence of this within seven days. If she doesn’t, Sonam will return to Mumbai on the eighth day. Then Raghav the cousin of Dhruv who is estranged from him is a part of the story. Raghav is averse to Dhruv and plans to use Sonam who they are in love, in order to get revenge on Dhruv. There is also a video of Milky’s mother confessing to what transpired during her wedding.Due to a miscommunication caused due to Raghav, Dhruv throws Sonam out of the house and Raghav abducts her and tries to force her into marriage. Dhruv is able to rescue Sonam and then discovers the proof. Dhruv confronts the conspirators , and is determined to marry Sonam. To prevent this from happening, Milky tries to burn herself in the kitchen. She is then able to file a lawsuit with Shashikant, Nutan and Sheetal and accuses them of burning her to pay for dowry. To get Shashikant as well as Nutan, Sonam makes a agreement together with Milky along with Raghav that in the event that Milky lets the Dhruv family go, and she marries Raghav. Dhruv demands Sonam get married to him once Milky pretends to realize her error and decided to join them. The day before Sonam and Dhruv’s wedding, Sonam writes a letter to Dhruv thanking him for his apology as well. Dhruv runs to Sonam when he discovers that Raghav is attempting to forcefully marry Sonam by threatening Raghav’s mom Sumitra. Dhruv and Raghav fight , and Raghav is shot at Sonam but Dhruv saved her from being shot. The next day Sonam realizes that Dhruv behaves as a child and forgotten his name. To encourage Dhruv, Sonam dresses up like a child and helps Dhruv to overcome the challenges he had to face due to the other children. At first, Milky loved Dhruv but now she doesn’t like him since Dhruv is like the child she is and isn’t interested in him being part of her life. Therefore, she abducts Dhruv with the help of her mother however Sonam discovers Dhruv. An attacker attempts to kill Dhruv, but she saves him due to her affection for Dhruv. Nutan apologizes to Sonam for her distrust. Nutan and Sonam remove Milky from their house. Milky expels Sonam and Dhruv’s relatives from their home and Milky harasses Dhruv. Because of the tension, Dhruv is struck unconscious and is admitted to hospital. Sheetal apologizes to Sonam and aids her to mislead Milky and restore their home. Dhruv’s memory is restored. Dhruv and Sonam decide to wed and Sonam’s dad approves. Milky plans to break Sonam and Dhruv’s wedding. She creates a false report of pregnancy , and then murdered Dhruv’s assistant Batasha after he discovers her plans. When she learns of that, Milky blackmails Nutan to murder Sonam or else she’ll kill the entire family. Sonam escapes numerous attacks against her. On the other hand, Sheetal and Sonam try to discover evidence of Milky lying about her pregnancy. In the end, Sonam obtains the evidence and weds Dhruv.

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Brief Information and Details on A Lockdown Love Starlife


  • Genre: Romance & Comedy
  • First Episode: 14 February 2022
  • Total number of episodes:125
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original name:
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil
  • Time Slot: Monday -Sunday 9 pm WAT, 10 pm CAT


A Lockdown Love Starlife Cast & Real names:


  • Sana Sayyad – Acted As ==> Sonam Dhruv Jaiswal, Dhruv’s wife, Pratap and Subadra’s daughter, Tanu and Amber’s sister.
  • Mohit Malik – Acted As ==> Dhruv Jaiswal, Sonam’s husband, Milky’s former husband, Shashikant and Nutan’s son, Dheeraj and Sneha’s brother


  • Jayati Bhatia – Acted As ==> Nutan Shashikant Jaiswal, Shasikant’s wife, Dheeraj, Dhruv and Sneha’s mother
  • Anjita Poonia – Acted As ==> Shweta “Milky” Gupta, Dhruv’s friend and former wife, Kutal’s daughter
  • Ananya Agarwal – Acted As ==> Sneha Shashikant Jaiswal, Shasikant and Nutan’s daughter, Dheeraj and Dhruv’s younger sister
  • Rakesh Kukreti – Acted As ==> Pratap Goel, Subadra’s husband, Sonam, Tanu and Amber’s father
  • Kashish Duggal Paul – Acted As ==> Subhadra Pratap Goel, Pratap’s wife, Sonam, Tanu and Amber’s mother
  • Ashutosh Tiwari – Acted As ==> Dheeraj Jaiswal, Ankita’s husband, Shashikant and Nutan’s elder son, Dhruv and Sneha’s elder brother
  • Deepika Upadhyay – Acted As ==> Ankita Dheeraj Jaiswal, Dheeraj’s wife
  • Nazea Hasan Sayed – Acted As ==> Tanu Pratap Goel, Pratap and Subadra’s daughter, Sonam and Amber’s sister
  • Ravin Makhija – Acted As ==> Amber Goel, Subhadra and Pratap’s son; Sonam and Tanu’s brother
  • Ananya Khare – Acted As ==> Sheetal, Shashikant and Shobhakant’s sister, Dhruv, Dheeraj, Sneha and Raghav’s aunt
  • Saahil Rao – Acted As ==> Batasha, Dhruv’s cousin
  • Yash Choudhary – Acted As ==> Hulchul, Dhruv’s childhood friend
  • Abhishek Goyal – Acted As ==> Bablu, Dhruv’s childhood friend
  • Vijay Kumar – Acted As ==> Shashikant Jaiswal, Nutan’s husband, Shobakant and Sheetal’s brother, Dheeraj, Dhruv and Sneha’s father
  • Saniya Nagdev – Acted As ==> Kutal Gupta, Milky’s mother
  • Rajveer Singh – Acted As ==> Munna Bhavani, kidnapper (2021)
  • Aniruddh Dave – Acted As ==> Raghav Jaiswal, Shobhkant and Sumitra’s son, Dhruv’s younger cousin brother
  • Adi Irani – Acted As ==> Shobhakant Jaiswal, Sumitra’s husband, Shashikant and Sheetal’s brother; Raghav’s father
  • Leena Badoli – Acted As ==> Sumitra Shobakant Jaiswal, Shobhakant’s wife; Raghav’s mother
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