7de Laan January 2020 Teasers SABC 2

7de Laan January 2020 Teasers, What is DeWet up to now? And will he succeed? Read below to find out:

7de Laan Wednesday 1 January 2020
(Episode 4734)

The youngsters recover from the night before. What is DeWet up to?

7de Laan Thursday 2 January 2020
(Episode 4735)

Kopano’s friends are supportive. Aggie asks Matrone to help out.

7de Laan Friday 3 January 2020
(Episode 4736)

Romeo gets an unexpected visit at work. Lesedi’s friends are concerned about her.

7de Laan Monday 6 January 2020
(Episode 4737)

Esti comes to the youngsters’ rescue. André reassures Lesedi.

7de Laan Tuesday 7 January 2020
(Episode 4738)

Xander confides in Vanessa. Khethiwe gets an idea making extra money.

7de Laan Wednesday 8 January 2020
(Episode 4739)

DeWet puts Connie in her place. Fikani gives Rickus advice.

7de Laan Thursday 9 January 2020
(Episode  4740)

Mariaan gives Lesedi advice. Khethiwe is deflated.

7de Laan Friday 10 January 2020
(Episode 4741)

Romeo is emotional. Bonita opens up to Justin.

7de Laan Monday 13 January 2020
(Episode 4742)

The Hillsiders are in shock. Connie empathises with André.

7de Laan Tuesday 14 January 2020
(Episode 4743)

What is André up to? Bonita knocks at DeWet’s door.

7de Laan Wednesday 15 January 2020
(Episode 4744)

Karmen is excited about her first day of school. DeWet’s plans are thwarted.

7de Laan Thursday 16 Janauary
(Episode 4745)

Bonita confronts Vanessa. Lesedi and Jacob reflect on their lives.

7de Laan Friday 17 January 2020
(Episode 4746)

Vanessa is grateful for Lesedi’s support. Justin refuses to apologise.

7de Laan Monday 20 January 2020
(Episode 4747)

Esti is touched by Rickus’s thoughtfulness. Hilda’s old  apartment has a new occupant.

7de Laan Tuesday 21 January 2020
(Episode 4748)

Fikani is not convinced that a new relationship in Hillside will work. André is interrupted when he tries to tell Connie something important.

Wedneday 22 January 2020
(Episode 4749)

Rickus is thankful for Alexa’s support. Karmen’s school phones with upsetting news.

7de Laan Thursday 23 January 2020
(Episode 4750)

André tells Mariaan the truth. Aggie comes to Karmen’s rescue.

7de Laan Friday 24 January 2020
(Episode 4751)

Marko makes a spur of the moment decision. Mariaan tells Alexa she’s open to love.

7de Laan Monday 27 January 2020
(Episode 4752)

André and Willem have an altercation. Esti surprises Aggie.

7de Laan Tuesday 28 January 2020
(Episode 4753)

Diederik gives Marko perspective. Aggie and Vince enjoy a fun photoshoot.

7de Laan Wednesday 29 January 2020
(Episode 4754)

Bonita voices her concerns to Vanessa. Mariaan tries to get through to Connie.

7de Laan Thursday 30 January 2020
(Episode 4755)

Aggie is suspicious about Vince’s behaviour. Diederik supports Connie.

7de Laan Friday 31 January 2020
(Episode 4756)

Bonita jumps to the wrong conclusion. Willem opens up to Diederik.

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