Infinix ZERO 20: What Tech Influencers have to say

The key feature that smartphone lovers are looking for in smartphones is a megapixel camera. Infinix has won the bragging rights by releasing its Zero 20 device. The tech giant has unveiled the industry’s first 60-megapixel front-facing OIS camera, and tech observers around the world can’t help but mention it.

Designed for storytellers and photography enthusiasts, the ZERO 20 offers an industry-leading 60-megapixel premium OIS front-facing camera, advanced video blogging features, and auto-capture photography capabilities.

Whether on the road, day or night, the ZERO 20 front-facing camera provides stability for more realistic shooting that uses autofocus to get ultra-sharp shots.

Supersaf has acknowledged that the Zero 20 is the industry’s first 60-megapixel front-facing camera with an OIS lens, also equipped with autofocus. He added that now the presence of this large sensor will mean an improvement in the quality of selfies in low light. The presence of OIS will mean stable images when running a video blog.

Infinix Zero 20 Review
Technical reviewer Tim Schofield also said the following about Zero 20: it is very high-quality and durable, has a metal frame that allows the rooms inside to function as an antenna.

Another technical reviewer, Unboxing, acknowledged that the Zero 20’s 60-megapixel front-facing camera was the industry’s highest pixel count on a front-facing camera.